2 State Departments hiring senior IT executives

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Two state government departments are recruiting senior technology executives.

the California Department of Cannabis Control (CDC) is looking for a deputy director/information director (Career Executive Assignment) to oversee and direct policy for departmental IT operations, application support, information security, infrastructure and enterprise services, and licensing systems California Cannabis Track and Trace ( CCTT).

CDC’s mission is “to develop and implement progressive cannabis policies and to license and regulate commercial cannabis activity in a manner that best protects public health, safety, the environment and local communities”, and the ideal candidate is “a dynamic and highly motivated person who wants to work in a multitasking environment”, according to the job offer.

Desirable qualifications, depending on the posting, include:

  • Management: Managing a statewide IT program with staff at all levels, including planning, organizing, and directing program operations; strategic planning; leadership; monitoring; and management responsibility. Lead large and complex project delivery initiatives aimed at transforming business processes and operations.
  • Technical: Oversee a complex technology system, including working with the California Department of Technology, stakeholders, and other government entities to meet a program’s business needs, assess risk, resolve issues, and ensure the highest standards protection of data and personal information. Implementation of a new IT organization, security program and business platforms to support the new entities.
  • Policy Development and Implementation: Interpret, evaluate, improve, modify, develop, recommend, and implement policies and procedures consistent with departmental and administrative goals, objectives, and/or changes in practice. Development of departmental strategic plans. Formulate annual and long-term goals in accordance with a department’s strategic plan and develop and implement action plans for staff to achieve goals.
  • Diplomacy and Communications: Managing a statewide program, using different strategies and techniques to solicit input from an organizational division and quickly communicate critical program and/or policy changes; bridging disparate programs that depend on each other to do their job; and dealing with a variety of individuals and groups from the public and private sectors on issues important to the program. Ability to communicate with all levels of government to advance departmental priorities.
  • Innovative Leadership: Leading a technology organization recognized as a thought leader for its accomplishments and ability to deliver services effectively and innovatively.
  • Legislation and regulation: Formulation of an assessment of the proposed legislative and regulatory impacts on a technological system/project; developing proposals and initiatives; analyze proposed legislation and regulations for system impacts; testify before legislative committees on technology proposals.

The monthly salary range for this position is $10,831 to $12,903 and the application deadline is April 1.

the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) is also recruiting “an innovative and visionary IT leader” to serve as deputy director/CIO.

The incumbent of this position (Career Executive Assignment) will provide “IT vision, strategic planning, leadership, goal setting, policy development, direction and oversight of enterprise architecture, management of project, information security, and infrastructure and application services to meet the business needs” of the department.” In addition, the CIO provides advice and guidance to senior management on sponsorship of IT projects and represents the Department, together with other state and local partners, on high-level statewide IT initiatives.”

Desirable qualifications for this position, depending on the job offer and declaration of dutyinclude:

  • Deep understanding and broad experience of all IT domains, current and emerging technologies, and how they can be applied to the business to support business.
  • Exceptional leadership skills and experience in managing multidisciplinary teams, organizational planning and developing and communicating a clear vision that inspires and motivates staff and encourages initiative at all levels to achieve business goals and objectives. organizational priorities.
  • Demonstrated ability to think analytically, set goals, develop and execute strategic planning for IT, and work collaboratively with organizational leaders to facilitate IT decision making and priority setting .
  • Experience in leading large enterprise IT projects and ability to oversee a portfolio of projects and functions, such as project management, procurement and vendor management.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, including the ability to explain digital concepts and technologies to business leaders and business concepts to the IT workforce.
  • Effective experience as a partner, managing relationships and building trust with management, business partners and all key stakeholders.
  • Ability to identify and leverage resources internal and external to the business and effectively influence and negotiate to gain support from oversight agencies and improve capabilities that drive digital business.
  • Ability to drive organizational change and develop capabilities to optimize operational efficiency and deliver innovative and agile IT solutions to enable the business to explore digital business opportunities.

The monthly salary range for this position is $7,781 to $13,657 and the application deadline is March 12.

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