APC presidential primary: For Yarima, it’s a goal


In a moment, prominent All Progressive Congress (APC) delegates from across the country will head to the primaries to elect a flag bearer for the 2023 presidential race. The contest is no doubt going to be lively, interesting, and high-energy. It will be epoch-making.

On the one hand, the APC as a party, which has conducted its affairs with absolute decorum and a high sense of responsibility, deserves a candidate, who will take Nigeria to greater heights and complement the efforts of the administration. Buhari.

Alhaji Ahmed Sani Rufai (Yariman Bakura) and former governor of Zamfara State is one of many APC aspirants jostling for the presidential ticket. Alhaji Yarima had since 2006 sent the signal that he was serious about providing unwavering leadership to our great country to resolve its multi-faceted issues with candor.

Since 2006, Yarima has established a think tank of eminent Nigerians, who have worked hard and successfully crafted his well-articulated agenda to set Nigeria on the path to growth.

That Yarima is the best choice of APC delegates is a given. Since 2006, the impact of Yarima’s presidential aspiration has taken root in all regions of the country. There is no state where a mobilization vehicle of the Yarima Solidarity Association, the Yarima Bakura Movement or the Yarima Network Alliance could not be found, sensitizing the electorate to Yarima’s true desire of their provide selfless service. No other APC candidate has been able to take such a bold step to launch himself into the hearts of the men and women of the party.

There is no doubt that Yarima has come a long way in his presidential campaign primaries as the cross section of notable politicians across the country, continue to pay him glowing tributes without sentiment. Deep down in the grassroots, the delegates know who their candidate for the APC presidential convention is and that is Yarima.

Yarima’s feat in Zamfara in many fields of human endeavours, is achievable on a national scale. Talk about food self-sufficiency, security of life and property, religious tolerance, financial prudence, infrastructure development and sustainable democracy. According to Senator Yarima and I quote: “Whether one is a cleric in the church or in the mosque, they are all human beings; they are all Nigerians and they should have a stake in the peaceful coexistence of Nigeria’s economic growth and the country’s sustainable development. They should have an interest in securing peace in this nation.” He approved the certificate of occupancy of the churches of Zamfara, when he was governor. It was vintage Yarima. His position, as stated above, totally negates the mistaken notion in some quarters that he is a religious fanatic. Sharia is about being a good human being.

So far, and by all indications, it’s Yarima Vs Yarima in the APC presidential primaries, coming up in a moment from now. He worked for it. Yarima showed resilience. He showed perseverance and loyalty to the party and its sustenance, when others fell asleep, only to now wake up hastily to make a passing appearance in the race.

Internationally, Yarima has carved out a place for himself as evidenced by testimonials from the western world in their assessment of his service to the nation at various levels. Yarima Bakura cultivated far-reaching and beneficial interests across the world without necessarily being subject to them.

Yarima remains a man of principle, whose nationalist zest and zeal cannot be negotiated. He absolutely relies on the goodwill he has cultivated over the years to organize his campaign outings and it has worked extremely well for him. He has every right to fight with other candidates. Since the APC is a transparent party, there would be no problem for Yarima to emerge under such an arrangement of free and fair primaries.

As a demonstration of his love for peaceful co-existence among Nigerians of all persuasions, Senator Ahmad Sani Rufai (Yarima Bakura) at the height of Shasha, sometimes there is chaos in Oyo State, visited to the Hausa and Yoruba communities concerned and preached love and peace. . His efforts did much to ease the crisis and peace was restored. He was at the burial ceremony of the late Alhaji Lateef Jakande to sympathize with the people of Lagos State. It is a detribalized Nigeria.

Senator Ahmed Sani Rufai (Yarima Bakura) is a man of power, who does not roam the earth wildly, nor awkwardly take any path. He is a real politician, who never gives in to blind arrogance and delusional smugness. He is a true Nigerian, who recognizes that the source of their capricious influence can only be fortified by the mercy of God. He is exceptionally generously good and entirely God-fearing. A man of immense knowledge, native wisdom and boundless humanity.

So for Yarima it will be a goal, scored in grand style, after an epic and prolonged game against the concerted forces of fate. And so the APC presidential ticket is won by Yarima.

Lawal writes from Ede, Osun State.

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