Autism Before T-shirt

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Today the National Autism Association of Southeast Ohio hosted its annual “Tee It Up Fore Autism” golf fundraiser to raise money for families affected by the trouble. National Autism Association of Southeast Ohio President Shannon Coconis explains the purpose of the event and why it is relevant.

“We started 13 years ago to raise money for local families struggling with autism. So our organization provides money to families in Southeast Ohio to pay for treatments that are not usually not covered by insurance and quirky therapies, equestrian therapy, music therapy and art therapy,” Coconis said.

Autism is a neurodevelopmental disability that affects one in 50 children. Coconis said her organization connects families with resources to improve conditions for children.

“When a family is diagnosed with autism, there’s really no resource in that area to care for them or to give them instructions or education on how to help their child,” said Coconis. “So our organization is really trying; one, educating families on what they can do to help cover their child and two, providing the funds to do so because it is very expensive. So we really want families in our area to know that we are here, we have money to give you, please apply for our grants.

Today’s event will fund all grants for the entire year. And Coconis encourages any family struggling with autism to reach out by visiting their

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