Bjp says it will rebuild the razed wall of the parade ground, the day after the protests of the group of marchers | Hyderabad News

Secunderabad: The BJP wing of the Secunderabad cantonment said on Saturday that the BJP will rebuild the perimeter wall of the parade grounds which was demolished for its public meeting held on July 3.
A day after the Parade Ground Walkers Association expressed concern over the situation and put up a banner on the parade ground asking who would rebuild the demolished wall, the BJP’s cantonment wing put up a banner on the parade ground saying they will take responsibility for rebuilding the wall.
Appointed Member of Secunderabad Cantonment Board (SCB) and Executive Committee Member of Telangana BJP J Rama Krishna with BJP leaders visited the parade ground on Saturday. “The wall was only torn down after the city police commissioner Resume Anand gave the suggestion to the local military authority in order to manage the huge crowd and create additional entry points. The decision was taken solely for the safety of those present at the public meeting and to prevent the stampede,” Rama Krishna said.
He said that the BJP has made the commitment of all relevant departments to make the necessary arrangements at the Parade Grounds. “The civic works at the site were supposed to start on July 4, but due to the continuous rains, the works could not start,” the BJP member said.
Criticizing the display of banners by the Parade Ground Walkers Association, Rama Krishna said the TRS leaders had taken undue advantage of the situation and launched a campaign against the BJP.

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