Brennan IT’s Security Game Pays Off – Security – Services

Daniel Hayes (Brennan IT)

Managed services provider Brennan IT is one of many Australian IT services companies to have increased their investments in cybersecurity in recent years to become a leading provider.

The company was recently recognized by vendor partner AT&T Cybersecurity as New Partner of the Year in its 2022 Global Partner Awards, while Fortinet also named the company its Australian Managed Security Services Provider Partner. of the year.

Brennan’s cybersecurity IT manager, Daniel Hayes, told CRN the honors were in recognition of the company’s investments in people, technology and automation.

“[The investments] allow us to confidently continue to lead our customers on the path to increased security maturity,” said Hayes.

The company’s Security Operations Center (SOC) was central to AT&T’s win, which also secured expanded contracts for Brennan IT and new customers in industries including healthcare, finance and organizations. non-profit.

Hayes explained that SOC was really a method of delivering business results to customers rather than a specific physical facility, and a way to reduce a customer’s risk and increase certainty and security.

“We’ve partnered very strategically with two or three key vendors to allow us to work to a point, grow our scale and capabilities, and be able to lead the conversation with our customers,” a- he declared.

Since the pivot to managed security coincided with the COVID-19 pandemic, Hayes said it didn’t make much sense for Brennan IT to invest in a physical SOC location.

“We built ourselves what we call a ‘distributed SOC’, which is really a combination of people, technology and automation to deliver the right results to our customers without needing to seek investment in a location. physics, which is likely to be pretty underutilized these days,” Hayes added.

In Brennan IT’s more than 20 years, the company has specialized in managed services and securely delivered network services, so the pivot to managed security services was a deliberate step-up.

“It’s really about taking what we know to be a very good, secure set of managed services and providing that extra layer with dedicated security resources, dedicated people, and new technologies to get it to the point where we know how important it is to take our customers through an enhanced security maturity journey,” said Hayes.

“So we chose to get ahead and really be able to take them with us on this path. This strategy has been built over the past few years, and since joining the organization in January 2021, my main focus has been to really take this dedicated security practice to the next level.

Along with staff, Brennan also brought in 20 dedicated cybersecurity specialists in addition to the roughly 80-90 security experts the company already had across the enterprise.

Internally, investments in cybersecurity have enabled Brennan IT to have conversations about security in several ways.

“We can now address security in an enterprise technology stack with one person to cover the scope of services rather than having an Azure person to talk about Azure security and a network person to talk about network security” , said Hayes.

“We can now do the whole conversation with one person. which allows our experts to focus deeper in their areas of expertise, while being supported by a security specialist at the top.

“I would say [our security investments] improved Brennan’s security capability broadly and profoundly.

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