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The goal of the Granbury Pirates soccer camp from June 13-16 at Pirate Stadium was to use games to reinforce skills learned by campers.

“That’s definitely the goal with our young kids,” Granbury High School girls’ head coach David Winkleman said. “Teach a skill, then play a game that reinforces it, because games are fun.”

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With a mix of 38 boys and girls in the youth section of the camp, there is a need to switch between activities due to short attention spans. The games are designed to immediately pick up on what has just been learned, helping young athletes stay on track.

Granbury football camp is split into age groups, challenging coaches as they move from explaining “it’s your right foot” to more technically challenging drills for older players. aged.

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“Our approach is similar with older kids, but of course you want to go over skills and techniques and challenge your players,” Winkleman said. “Coaches will score a few points every time, so we reinforce good habits – then we’ll play a game too.”

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With children’s interests going from one thing to another, there are always players who start football late. While they may be late, plenty of resources are now available, and in Winkleman’s mind, it’s never too late to get into the sport.

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“Of course athleticism is a big deal to be able to catch up to other players,” Winkleman said. “It’s too late for someone like me to become a professional player because I’m not 25 anymore and I’m a bit slower now. Football can be a sport for life, and you can play it for fun and to stay in good physical shape Playing football doesn’t have to be about winning a match.

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As head coach of the GHS Lady Pirates college football team, Winkleman is a fair judge of talent, but stressed that the sport can be taken up at any age without the goal of playing professionally.”

While it may be difficult for a boy in seventh or eighth grade to start football and go to college in his second year, the same cannot be said for female athletes due to fewer participants. to selection and club sports.

“Boys get more numbers trying to make the team,” Winkleman said. “There are also different philosophies. The sport is really good for girls. There is nothing negative. Even if you are a young player or someone who does not play a lot and trains at the university, you will contribute to the program. You gain confidence because it is a deserved confidence.

It’s the confidence kids can take to the next level if they keep playing, and there’s no better time to seek out a youth soccer association than when your child’s best interests are at their best. full.

“If they’re young, they need to get involved with the Granbury Soccer Association,” Winkleman said. “If they’ve played and want to take the next step, there are club teams locally and in Fort Worth to explore.”

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More than anything, it’s about taking action.

“The biggest teacher in gaming is the game itself,” Winkleman said. “If you want to improve and compete at a high level, you have to seek out that level of competition and be trained at that higher level.”

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