Can Pokemon Go Celesteela Weaknesses, Counters and Counters Shiny?

Celesteela has finally arrived in Pokemon Go, which means you’ll have a chance of catching this powerful Ultra Beast if you can take it down. Here are some of the best counters to target his weaknesses.

Ultra Beasts are slowly making their way through Ultra Wormholes and into our cell phones via Pokemon Go. The first four arrived at Go Fest 2022, and now the Test Your Mettle event is bringing two more to the game.

Northern Hemisphere Trainers can fight Kartana in 5-Star Raids, while Southern Hemisphere players can fight Celesteela in 5-Star Raids. They will be available until September 27, 2022, so hurry up if you want one!

We have a separate guide to defeating Kartana, but for now we are focusing on the Flying/Steel type Celesteela. To help you defeat this Ultra Beast in a 5-Star Raid Battle, below are details on its weaknesses and counters.


Weaknesses of Celesteela in Pokemon Go

Celesteela is a Flying/Steel-type Pokémon, which means it is weak against electric and fire type attacks. Both of these types will have the same effectiveness here, so use whichever you prefer.

Celesteela also has many resistances to know: Bug, Dragon, Fairy, Flying, Grass, Ground, Normal, Poison, Psychic, and Steel type attacks. Avoid using them whenever possible.

Celesteela Counters in Pokemon Go

Here are some of the best counters to use against Celesteela in Pokemon Go:

Be aware that Celesteela might have access to the Ground-type Bulldoze Charged Move, which is super effective against Electric-type Pokemon and Fire-type Pokemon.

There isn’t really a way to avoid this, but it’s something to be aware of as it could make this battle a whole lot harder.

Can Celesteela be shiny in Pokemon Go?

The bad news is that Shiny Celesteela is currently unavailable in Pokémon Go. It’s very rare for a new Pokémon to debut alongside its Shiny variant, especially when it’s a Legendary or Ultra Beast rare.

Shiny Celesteela is likely to debut in the future an eventso keep an eye out!

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