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Flexible solutions continue to attract attention in the area of ​​talent mobility and corporate relocation as a way to simultaneously achieve multiple business goals, including improved profitability, improved user experience and more diverse talent. . According to proprietary industry research conducted in conjunction with Worldwide ERC®, more than 70% of organizations now use flexible mobility policies as part of their relocation programs. COVID-19 appears to have been a significant factor in more organizations adopting this approach, with ERC industry research around the world also indicating that there are up to 25% more permanent transfer policies, including including flexible benefits todaycompared to pre-pandemic levels.

Cartus has been supporting organizations with flexible mobility since this type of policy was first introduced over a decade ago. Working with its vendor partners, Cartus designs and offers a number of these policy types, including tiered, flat-rate and basic/flex programs, ensuring that each aligns with the unique set of priorities and business challenges of a company.

Thought leadership to guide policy transformation

Once mobility managers have determined Why they want to adopt a flexible mobility approach, so they have to decide How? ‘Or’ What adapt their current relocation policies. A poorly designed, implemented or managed mobility program can create more problems than it solves. To help organizations considering a policy overhaul, Cartus’ Flexible mobility The series of white papers provide real case studies and a blueprint for this type of policy:

HR and mobility professionals: To visit to get exclusive early access to the next release in this series, Flexible mobility: establishing budgetswhich examines the methods to be adopted to test the effectiveness and viability of a new mobility solution.

State-of-the-art technological solutions

Cartus’ pioneering core/flex product, Benefit Creator, allows companies to create their own flexible mobility program around a core benefits structure while engaging employees to choose the options that are best for them and their families. Powered by MovePro360®, Cartus’ proprietary single-source-of-truth platform, Benefits Builder delivers the two most requested relocation features today: cost management and personalization. Learn more.

World-class mobility experts

Demonstrating its commitment to providing organizations with the support and information they need to succeed in flexible policy transformation, Cartus has created a team of experts dedicated to policy type. Directed by Tracey RennieVP, Global Talent Mobility, “Team Flex” meets regularly to collaborate on current trends and challenges, including innovative ways to support Cartus customers and their families who are moving.

“The Cartus Flex team is made up of some of our most experienced and knowledgeable people from across the business, including consulting solutions, implementation, supply chain management and, of course, the global mobility of customer-facing talent,” says Rennie. “We recognize that overhauling a mobility policy can be a daunting task, but we’re here to empower companies to meet their business needs while providing tailored care to their employees, and that’s exactly what a flexible mobility approach offers.”

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