Catholic schools in the Diocese of Lincoln introduce a new brand and it’s ‘just the beginning’

(SNR) – The Catholic Schools Diocese of Lincoln recently introduced a new “brand.”

The brand’s goal is to create a vehicle to share the good work that goes on in Catholic schools in the diocese.

In addition to the logo and visual components of the brand, the brand platform communicates the values ​​to which all Catholic schools in the diocese are committed: “Catholic Authenticity, Exceptional Education, Community, Accessibility and Unique Environment”. The brand values ​​and platform were developed after an extensive research phase that lasted several months and included focus groups, surveys and interviews with input from various stakeholders.

The tagline accompanying the new logo and brand is “We. Are. Catholic. End of the story? No. This is just the beginning.

“I am so excited about this new vehicle through which we can tell the great story of our schools,” said Katie Ostgren, director of development and stewardship for the Diocese of Lincoln and fundraiser for the Good Shepherd Scholarship. “Catholic schools in the Diocese of Lincoln are unique and welcoming communities that not only teach math, science, reading and catechesis, but also train students in virtue, discipline and a relationship with Christ.

“Combined with communicating about the many scholarships available for tuition assistance, this branding will allow us to share our story more widely and invite more students and families to consider our school communities, where we train the future leaders of the Catholic Church in the Diocese of Lincoln and beyond.

More information is available on the Diocese of Lincoln Catholic Schools Facebook Page. The page is the start of preparations for a registration drive for Catholic schools in the Diocese of Lincoln to take place next spring, as a way to support local marketing efforts of Catholic schools across the diocese.

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