Certified Cybersecurity Technician (C|CT) | IT Security Technician

The main offers of C|CT:

Solid base cover
The C|CT certification provides full coverage of the core cybersecurity domain with key concepts in each domain combined with hands-on labs and critical thinking challenges producing world-class cybersecurity technologists.

Live Range Experience
Other popular programs rely on simulation and interactivity as hands-on assessment, the C|CT program is delivered on a live Cyber ​​Range using real targets and real attack systems for a practice and a truly immersive and real-world assessment platform.

capture the flag
The C|CT certification offers capture-the-flag (CTF)-style critical thinking challenges to accompany each lab exercise putting knowledge into practice and providing a proven record of skill demonstration. Candidates who complete the C|CT program will earn C|CT certification and have a proven track record of performing required tasks in a live cyber lineup, proving to employers their ability to perform essential job tasks.

Multiple certifications
The C | CT goes beyond some of the more common entry-level cybersecurity programs, such as the Security+, into a fully hands-on cyberrange environment instead of simulations to ensure cybersecurity skills development. We believe candidates who successfully achieve C|CT certification will earn other industry-leading cybersecurity certifications, including Security+, without further training.

The most affordable
Despite the highly practical course’s unique design and its uses of real-world cyber-range capability, the certification is one of the most affordable in the world!

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