Commissioners approve $2.2 million for IT security overhaul | News

GOSHEN – Funding of more than $2 million for a major overhaul of the Elkhart County government’s information technology network was approved Monday by the Elkhart County Board of Commissioners.

At the meeting, commissioners approved a request from Elkhart County Government Chief Information Officer Tony Peffley for an additional $2.2 million appropriation, which Peffley says is needed to improve the network security. The requested funding will come from the county’s Cumulative Capital Development Fund.

“About $1.2 million of the request is for new or updated security equipment and service subscriptions to improve the county’s ability to maintain a technologically sound and secure computing environment,” Peffley told commissioners. “It’s not only necessary for insurance purposes, but also for business and legal needs.”

Peffley noted that his department has been working with his insurance consultant since last summer to determine not only what is needed for the security upgrade, but what are best practices for IT security.

“The balance of demand is primarily to adjust funding for ongoing operations and subscriptions to keep IT products current,” Peffley said. “County moved from licensed products to subscription products late last year, allowing us to stay current with regular software upgrades, patches and enhancements as we go along. their exit.

“These requests could not have been included in the budget due to the timing at the end of last year, and even in the first part of this year,” he added of the need for additional credit. “As we discussed during the executive session, due to the nature of security elements and features, it would be advisable not to disclose particular information about specific products and services.”

The Commissioners agreed and the additional credit requested was approved unanimously.


In other cases, Commissioners:

• Authorization granted to the Elkhart County Health Department to proceed with a two-year Elevated Blood Lead Reduction Grant through the Elkhart County Health Department. Indiana State. As described, the grant will fund the hiring of a new senior case manager in ECHD’s nursing division, enabling the department to serve more than 200 local children affected by lead exposure.

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