Company says it has recent estimate data on body shops for sale

The Ongoing Body Shop Data Privacy Discussion at the Quarterly Conference Collision Industry Conference (CIC) took a new turn this summer when an association executive described what a data aggregator had recently offered to sell to his organization.

Aaron Schulenburggeneral manager of the Society of Collision Repair Specialists (CSIS), said the company contacted him, after speaking with one of CSIS’s affiliated state groups, to see if CSIS might be interested in acquiring any data it has on recently written collision repair quotes.

The company, which Schulenburg did not identify by name, told him the information could be used by CSIS member stores to contact consumers who received a recent quote to say, “Hey, I know you got a recent quote, and our company could do the work for you.

Schulenburg asked what type of information was available. The company told him, “Through our partners and data aggregation processes, we collect 86% of all quoted collision repairs in North America, whether quoted by a body shop or a company. insurance.” Even if that quote doesn’t reach an insurer, Schulenburg said he was told that “this data comes into our system within 24 hours.”

The more than 40 fields of data the company said it has daily include more than 62,000 VINs and 135,000 quotes — written by stores or insurers. It includes the customer’s name and contact information — address, phone, and email — where the collision occurred and where the repair quote was generated. It includes nearly $72 million in parts cited per day, as well as vehicle year, make, model, and mileage, as well as body, trim, and engine descriptions.

The revelation was of interest to a CIC committee which, like CSIS and other organizations, has been looking at how shop estimate information sometimes ends up in vehicle history reports. Schulenburg said the company offering to sell the data had not heard of it, or anyone else he had spoken to about it.

“The point here is not that they have this data, but it is…

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