Congressman Young’s wife endorses Revak. That’s what her husband wanted, she said.

Josh Revak at the memorial service for Congressman Don Young in Great Falls, Va. on March 30. (Liz Ruskin/Alaska Public Media)

US House candidate Josh Revak won an emotionally powerful endorsement from Anne Garland Young, wife of late Congressman Don Young.

Revak, a Republican state senator, is the successor her husband wanted, she said.

“I feel honour-bound to convey the belief of Congressman Young. Josh Revak has earned the trust and respect of Congressman Young. And as the unique man of integrity that he is, Josh Revak will work tirelessly and honestly for our beloved Alaska in the United States Congress,” she said in a dark video produced by the Revak campaign.

Revak, R-Anchorage, is a veteran and served as co-chair of Young’s re-election campaign. He is among four dozen people running for the remainder of Young’s term. He is also a candidate for the mandate which begins in January.

His rivals also got mentions. Republican Tara Sweeney, who was also a co-chair of Young’s re-election campaign, won one this week from the ANCSA Regional Association, representing major Alaska Native corporations. Independent Al Gross has former Governor Tony Knowles in his corner. And Sarah Palin was endorsed by former President Donald Trump. Nick Begich III, who was campaigning against Young before the congressman’s death last month, won the endorsement of dozens of prominent Alaska Republicans.

Anne Young, in the Revak video, says she heard her husband repeatedly encouraging Revak to participate in the race.

“However, as the man of integrity that he is, Josh told my husband that out of respect for him and his legacy, he couldn’t and wouldn’t seek Alaska’s only congressional seat, at least as long as Congressman Young shows up,” she said. .

She is also clearly targeting Begich, without using her name. She says that compared to other apparent leaders, Revak is behind in the campaign.

“He will never, however, like others before him, resort to desperate, vicious and hostile tactics just to try to claim victory,” she says.

People loyal to Young resent Begich. He chaired Young’s 2020 campaign, but then backfired. Starting last year, he attacked Young from the right. Begich claimed the 88-year-old was too old and lacked fiscal discipline. He also attacked Young’s office policy of requiring staff members to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

The field of 48 candidates will be reduced to four in a special primary election. Ballots will be sent to voters from the end of the month.

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