CyberRes boosts IT security by combining in-depth analytics with a threat research network

CyberRes, a business unit of Micro Focus, has announced the availability of CyberRes Galaxy Threat Acceleration Program Basic and Plus (GTAP/GTAP+).

GTAP+ is an intelligence feed specifically designed for use with ArcSight Enterprise Security Manager (version 7.6). It is the premium component of the CyberRes Galaxy Platform Threat Intelligence Solution and integrates information from the Galaxy Threat Research Network to provide ArcSight customers with proactive defenses.

In addition to GTAP+, GTAP Basic is a free add-on for existing ArcSight ESM customers. GTAP Basic is comprised of the public threat intelligence feed instance of the open source intelligence solution MISP CIRCL (OSINT).

“Every day brings a new cybersecurity threat. It is important, even critical, that companies know the threats specific to their industry and are prepared to act as quickly as possible,” said Mike Mychalczuk, director of product management for ArcSight, Micro Focus.

“The easy-to-use Galaxy GTAP+ stream provides high-fidelity threat surveillance content that is always available with the most up-to-date information,” he said.

“It allows users to deploy a proactive approach that eliminates blind spots and helps stop breaches before they happen.”

According to the company, CyberRes Galaxy enables cybersecurity professionals to quickly gain visibility into the most pressing threats to their organization. This helps them secure their value chains so they can focus on growing their business.

GTAP+ enhances these capabilities by enabling advanced implementation of MITER ATT&CK techniques. Updated every 30 minutes, GTAP+ is powered by information from a number of credible cybersecurity sources and can be up and running in minutes. GTAP+ users can simply install the plug-and-play SmartConnector for immediate access to threat detection and response content designed specifically for ArcSight ESM.

On the countermeasure front, GTAP+ provides ArcSight ESM systems with specialized capabilities, regardless of SecOps maturity level, for a strategic and proactive approach to security. Organizations rely on CyberRes Galaxy to deliver action plans that better prepare their organizations to deal with threats.

This release follows the initial release of Galaxy (January 2022) and offers all users a free personal account on Galaxy.

“CyberRes is a business unit of Micro Focus. We bring the expertise of one of the largest security portfolios in the world to help our clients navigate the changing threat landscape by building both cyber resilience and business resilience within their teams and organizations.” , says the company.

“CyberRes is part of a larger set of digital transformation solutions that combat adverse conditions so businesses can keep operating today, keep the lights on, and transform to grow and take advantage of tomorrow’s opportunities. .”

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