dentsu Indonesia makes key promotions as it attracts new customers

Dentsu Indonesia has bolstered its management team by expanding Joseph Wallace’s (pictured left) CFO tenure to include COO, while Isobar’s former ECD Andreas (pictured right) is now creative director of the creative services line. Wallace and Andreas have worked for the agency for seven years and two years respectively. Prior to this, Wallace worked at Deloitte, KPMG and Schweppes while Andreas was at Gojek, TBWAIndonesia and Leo Burnett.

This comes three months after Prakash Kamdar was named CEO of dentsu Indonesia, in addition to his tenure in Singapore, and promotion of Wisnu Satya Putra, Arshad Rahman and Aloysia Dian. Since then, Densu said it brought new wins and significant customer renewals in the first quarter. These include Abdi Waluyo Hospital, Astra Finance, Astra Honda Motor, BCA, Binus, Coca Cola, Diageo Cambodia, Enesis Group, Etika, Galderma, GudangAda, Hisamitsu, Indosat, Kino Group, Maybank, OCBC, OLX , Omron, PRMN, Suntory, and Suzuki Digital, among others.

Kamdar (pictured below) recounted INTERACTIVE-MARKETING that Wallace will partner with the rest of the leadership team to accelerate business transformation in Indonesia, achieve greater integration and consistently deliver operational excellence to its customers. During this time, Andreas will drive greater excellence in his creative product and experience to help deliver truly modern integrated creativity to his clients to help them achieve their growth ambitions.

According to Kamdar, his main strength lies in the staff of the agency. “We prioritize our people because they are our agents of change, our champions for achieving meaningful progress and striving to be a force for good and growth. Being at the forefront of the marketing industry , we are committed to supporting Indonesia’s digital economic growth goal. With our team and capabilities strengthened today, we are ready to launch other initiatives soon,” he explained.

The agency has also nurtured a pool of young talent from top universities in Indonesia, providing knowledge sharing and on-the-job training through its Densu New Associates program. As part of its strategy to support the community and improve digital skills in Indonesia, dentsu will continue to cultivate and expand the program to more potential young talent in the market.

It currently has a team of 1,220 across creative management, media, and customer experience and functional professionals. The agency is constantly on the lookout for talent who has the ability and desire to help clients thrive in the digital economy, including those with deep skills in marketing technology, commerce, performance marketing, data and experiment design.


Kamdar took over from Maya Watono earlier this year and said INTERACTIVE-MARKETING that it has been “an incredible three months”. “We have a fantastic business in Indonesia that this brilliant management team has built over the past three years, and incredible customers and partners who clearly believe in our value proposition.

According to him, the top 15 Indonesian advertisers work with dentsu, which says a lot. Kamdar added that he felt like a kid in a candy store – having access to a wonderful breadth and depth of highly skilled and energetic talent who are hungry to deliver even more value to customers in a market that is on the rise. about to experience exponential growth in the digital economy. .

Although Kamdar was unable to share his plans for Densu Indonesia in detail, he explained that he and the management team were putting in place the building blocks for the agency’s next phase of growth – in terms of structure, increased integration and additional investment in meaningful capabilities and solutions that will benefit customers.

“I am confident that the tough building blocks we are putting in place will make us a preferred partner for companies and brands aiming to thrive in one of Asia’s fastest growing digital economies,” he said. -he declares. Indonesia’s digital economy is growing rapidly and is expected to reach $146 billion by 2025 from $44 billion today. He thinks micro-SMEs are a potential growth area.

According to Kamdar, there are 63 micro-SMEs in Indonesia which employ 97% of the Indonesian workforce and contribute over 60% of the country’s GDP. However, digital adoption among them remains low and although the pandemic has accelerated digitalization in Indonesia, only around 15% of local micro-SMEs have digitalized their operations, he explained.

Indonesia also aims to promote sustainable and inclusive economic development through the participation of micro-SMEs and the digital economy through the pillars of global health architecture, sustainable energy transition and digital transformation.

“Dentsu Indonesia feels a deep and urgent sense of responsibility to use and expand our capabilities to help Indonesian businesses, brands and people transform and realize President Joko Widodo’s agenda, so that we can realize Indonesia’s full potential locally, in this region and on the world stage,” he said, adding:

One of the main challenges is that Indonesia still lacks millions of digital talents to achieve its aspirations to become a digital economy country and needs talents with abilities beyond basic digital skills to realize its potential.

Kamdar has been leading the Singapore operations since 2019 and although these are the first days for him in Indonesia, there seem to be more similarities than differences between the two countries. “What is similar is that we have an impressive list of clients and incredible talent in both markets. I believe in having the right structures and working methods in place to institutionalize collaboration and I believe that we must continue to invest in deep expertise and partnerships that will enable us to deliver sustainable growth and value to the various stakeholders we serve,” he explained.

These are some of the lessons he learned from Singapore, although a one-size-fits-all approach never works, Kamdar said. He added that the major wins and retentions also show that brands continue to trust dentsu Indonesia with their marketing needs and ambitions, and the team is very grateful for this trust.

The advertising scene is changing rapidly and some of the trends and innovations that interest Kamdar include value-based marketing, people-based targeting solutions, experiential e-commerce and Web3.0.

When it comes to values-based marketing, Kamdar explained that brands that truly align with consumer values ​​and take real action in their business to solve the world’s toughest problems (including, but not limited to, climate change) as opposed to those who merely pay lip service, problems win and will continue to win, which is encouraging to see from a professional as well as a personal perspective.

At the same time, more people-based targeting or identity solutions are needed to create longer-term, meaningful and lasting relationships between brands and consumers. “As the third-party cookie depreciates, marketers and their agencies are testing alternative targeting solutions such as people-based targeting that leverages first-party data,” he explained.

On the experiential e-commerce front, more retailers are expected to recognize that they need to become more platforms that enable rich and personalized experiential journeys to win hearts and wallets. Meanwhile, Web 3.0 has become a buzzword in the industry today. According to Kamdar, Web 3.0 is the next evolution of the web in which website content and users are interconnected through interfaces and transparent communication channels.

It is an enhanced version of Web 2.0 and is characterized by creating a virtual world on the Internet through websites such as online virtual shopping malls, which allow users to interact with each other and buy products. He believes Web 3.0 will improve the user experience by providing rich and interactive advertising opportunities.

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