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the Young people for scienceat the new meeting ofScientific Friday in Savonawhen The conference in which the boys of the association’s chemistry group will present their work on the extractor Soxhlet. The meeting, open to the public, will take place on Friday March 11 from 4 p.m. on the Zoom online platform. For members, it will be available on the Savona campus.

The lesson will deal with a file Solvent extraction themeAnd the In particular the principles, objectives and chemical methods that underlie this process, focusing on the current experiment this year, the Soxhlet extractor. The subject will be introduced by several members of the laboratory group.

liberto giribaldi21 years old, yes he is He graduated with full marks from the ITIS of Savona in Chemistry and Chemical Technologies and is currently following his third year of Chemistry at the University of Genoa. During his internship, he had the opportunity to simulate an experience in the company by being part of the R&D sector for the production of shampoos in his school. He even shared one Trainee at Infineum, subsidiary of Vado Ligure, working both in the quality control sector and in the research and development sector. He won the regional stage of the Chemical Games and competed in the national stage. Thanks to his academic achievements, he was awarded the Ilya Prigogine Prize for four consecutive years. He was a member of the Giovani per la Scienza Society for eight years, for four years he was responsible for the laboratory for the organization of working groups and the carrying out of experiments, and for three years he was responsible for the organization of experiments and presenters of the Savona Science Festival Preview and other events in which the Society has participated.

Julia Montalbani assisted by “Arturo Esel” Public Scientific Secondary School in Finale Ligure, where he graduated with excellent grades. He is currently following a three-year course in Biological Sciences at the University of Genoa and is doing internships in Hospitals, Environmental and Nutritional Health at the Department of Health Sciences of the University. Since 2017, she is a member of Youth for Sciencein which he now plays a role Rector of the University Group of Chemistry and Biology With Alberto Giribaldi.

Alicia Matsoni, born in 2002, is studying biological sciences at Eastern Piemont University. I graduated in Computer Science from the Instituto “Ferraris-Pancaldo” in Savona. He has been part of the association since 2016 and collaborates in the chemistry and biology group. He participated in various experiments in Youth for Science, including the creation of a traffic light model regulated by a programmable Arduino board, an antenna tunnel model and experiments on harmonic motion, Tesla eggs and a spectrophotometer . Flame examination, electrolysis and electrophoresis. She has also been a computer science teacher in the Physics group and beyond and has participated in various association events, including: Nuits Blanches, Savona, Youth and Science, City of Children and Scientific Voyages.

Zani MaziniBatch 2002, currently He followed the first year of chemical engineering at the Polytechnic School of Turin. A graduate of the scientific high school “O. Grassi”, the traditional title, has been a member of the Association since 2016. He is part of the Chemistry group Since then, he has participated in many events in which the association has participated and presented the experiences of his group.

Alessandro Ferraraclass of 2002, He is entering the second year of Chemistry and Chemical Technologies at the University of Turin. He attended the Ferraris-Pancaldo Technical Institute specializing in chemistry and graduated with full marks. He has been a member of Giovani per la Scienza since 2018 Participate in all activities and events such as Head of the chemistry group.

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