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The Easton Housing Authority wastes a unique opportunity to consolidate local government services and save taxpayers money. The authority recently rejected a Northampton County proposal that would create a post of Joint Executive Director to oversee both Easton Housing Authority properties and additional properties that would fall under the jurisdiction of a reinstated Northampton County Housing Authority. . The county pondered the idea of ​​restoring its own authority, in part because some of the county’s public housing fell into disrepair, namely the Oliver C. Border House in Nazareth. This complex is currently managed by the Lehigh County Housing Authority under a 2013 agreement. The county felt that the new partnership with Easton would make sense as Easton’s current executive director, Gene Pambianchi, will soon take his retirement. The board, however, felt otherwise. “No board member has expressed an interest in running the Northampton County Housing Authority now or in the future,” Pambianchi said last week. It seems short-sighted. We support local control over government agencies, but this scenario involves a partnership between a small town housing authority and the county sitting in the same town. The proposal deserves more attention.


Graduation season is upon us, and it’s exciting to see high school students of the class of 2022 participate again in the traditional launch ceremonies, many of which have been canceled in recent years due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. For graduates in the Easton area, Monday night’s ceremony proved particularly memorable. It was the first time in 37 years that the ceremony was held at Cottingham Stadium. The West Ward site is a special place for Red Rover students, teachers, alumni and fans. Future graduates should have the same opportunity to graduate there, time permitting. Congratulation to Easton Area School District for the planning of the ceremony, and hope that the district will continue to use Cottingham for this purpose.

The Easton Police Department has come a long way since 2007 when it first earned the Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Credentialing Commission from the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association. It will now be accredited for the fifth time, triggering what the commission calls premier agency status. Only 21 law enforcement agencies in the state have this status. The city can be proud that its department is the 22nd. The benefits of accreditation, as well as uniformity among all police employees, include reduced department liability and improved community relations. The benefits to the community served by the department are harder to quantify, but rest assured that this level of professionalism only helps to make the community a safer place for everyone.

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