F1 told drivers it would ‘reconsider event security’ after attack RaceFans

Formula 1 has told drivers it will review the safety and security of all its events following the missile attack which occurred yesterday, 10 kilometers from the venue for this weekend’s race.

Valtteri Bottas and others have revealed details of the discussion at the late-night meeting between the Grand Prix Drivers Association and F1 bosses following the attack.

He confirmed that drivers had expressed concerns about the safety of the event after seeing smoke from the large fire that broke out at the oil factory which was hit near the circuit.

“We riders were all worried about whether it was safe for all of us to be here, to race here,” Bottas said. “And we had decent explanations of things.

“We also went through all the options – as if we weren’t racing? For example, this will always mean that teams will have to stay here for a few days to pack things. And it’s not like you can suddenly create new flights to get home.

“We are already there, so our best option was to race here. They increased all the security installations and all this defense. So I think everyone was in agreement that we might as well race and hope for the best.

F1 is taking part in the second event of a 15-year contract to race in Saudi Arabia. Bottas said the series will consider whether it’s safe to continue running there and at other locations.

“Obviously last night it was quite late and in some places you don’t need to have this discussion,” he said. “So it’s a unique grand prize.

“At least Formula 1 has promised us to reconsider all events for the future, including this one, to make sure we go to the right places, that they can always guarantee our 100% safety when we go there. lets go.”

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Bottas said he “prefers not to answer” whether he was in favor of racing at the track this weekend or in the future. However, he said the GPDA was “really, really united at the moment” despite the decision to go ahead with the race.

“It felt like everyone felt the same way. With any issues, we will always come together and go through them and give our perspective. If it makes a difference, that’s fine, but it doesn’t. is not always guaranteed.

GPDA director George Russell said F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali has the association’s backing and also expects further talks after this weekend.

“I think the clarity was needed, the conversation was definitely needed and I think it was good. We are all united, first between all the drivers, then with Formula 1 and finally we trust Stefano and Formula 1 as a whole.

“We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t think it was right to be here. So obviously it’s going to need some clarity after this race weekend where we’re going from here. But from what I understood, everything was under control in that specific region and what happens outside of that region, you cannot control.

The drivers were “very united in asking for some transparency”, said Fernando Alonso, because “we were not happy to see the clouds of smoke while driving and maybe not knowing the truth and the facts and all.

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“So we wanted some transparency in that regard, we found that and I think we were happy.”

He said he was satisfied with the assurances he received from officials about the security of the event. “We are here. Once we are here, I think we just have to make sure that everyone’s safety is guaranteed in some way.

“We [the drivers] it looked like we were there talking about our safety. But honestly, we care about your safety: Media, mechanics, fans, everyone.

“So we think all the organizers and the authorities and everybody, F1, FOM, are happy with the way things are going at the moment and the way [they are] for everyone’s safety. So we have to move forward. But we hope not to see this kind of thing again.

Lewis Hamilton said the drivers “worked together as a group, we all discussed and made a decision as a sport”.

“I don’t feel anything special about it,” he added. “I can’t wait to get out”

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