Google Cloud joins the TM Forum and aims to foster innovation in telecommunications

TM Forum, the telecom alliance, has welcomed Google Cloud as a new member.

Google Cloud is set to speak at the upcoming TM Forum Digital Transformation World event, where it will outline steps it is already taking to help communications service providers (CSPs). Cloud nativity is seen as a key goal for Google, along with the benefits of partnerships at scale.

The move comes as CPS strive to integrate cloud-native automation into their networks and leverage the decision-making and optimization benefits provided by technologies such as machine learning (ML). ) and artificial intelligence (AI).

Working with telcos, Google Cloud will use its experience in data processing and big data analysis to provide CSPs with suggestions about which sections of their systems and networks can be made more efficient. He will also provide personalized demonstrations of network improvements possible through AI and work on the development of application programming interfaces (APIs) that CSPs can implement.

A global association of more than 850 companies, TM Forum is dedicated to driving innovation across technology barriers to improve the digital services, technology delivery, consulting and systems integration industries.

Google Cloud is looking to strengthen its existing partnerships in the industry, as well as demonstrate its advantages in a new FSC market, possibly to expand its market share against competitors such as Microsoft Azure, which itself signs important telecommunications agreements.

In January, Google signed an agreement with Bharti Airtel, India’s second-largest telecommunications company, to invest up to $1 billion to drive the company’s digital transformation and develop an India-based network domain. for 5G, cloud-based. In the same month, Google Cloud announced a partnership with Nokia, to develop cloud-native 5G solutions for CSPs.

“Google Cloud is focused on helping telcos not only transform, but also accelerate their growth, competitiveness, and digital journeys,” said Amol Phadke, Managing Director and General Manager, Global Telecom Industry. , Google Cloud.

“As a reflection of the trust and value we have built with our global telecommunications customers and partners – through our work with BT Group, Telenor Group, and more – we are delighted to join the TM Forum community. .”

Telecom operators are increasingly turning to technologies such as AI to improve the stability of their networks and improve the speed and security available to customers. Following a major outage in July that affected more than 10 million customers, Canadian telephone company Rogers Communication has pledged to invest C$10 billion over the next three years in developments including AI, to improve network coverage.

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