Google wants to do for your lousy voice calls what it did for Meet call clarity

Phone calls might seem like a thing of the past these days, with messaging, video chats, and social media making up the bulk of our mobile communications. Your smartphone is, of course, still a phone, and great voice quality is more essential than ever if you’re taking meetings on the go. Spotted alongside today’s Android 13 QPR1 beta, Google is developing a feature for its mobile operating system that could give voice calls a much-needed quality boost.


As Mishaal Rahman noted on Twitter, Clear Calling is in the works for a future version of Android, and it could make a big difference the next time you need to make a call in a busy area. According to Rahman, Clear Calling is intended to reduce background noise when you’re on the phone, which many high-end Bluetooth headphones already manage. It’s unclear exactly what processing Google intends to implement here, but it won’t involve the call itself being screened by the company. Although it’s supposed to work on “most mobile networks”, unfortunately Wi-Fi calling is excluded.

On paper, this sounds a lot like some of the work Google has done with noise cancellation in Meet, working to limit background distractions like screaming children or bustling crowds. While many of us now rely on VoIP services for voice calls, this could be a handy tool to make traditional phone conversations much less noisy.

You can enable Clear Calling right now with certain simple ADB commands, all without root. Once active, the toggle is available in the Sound and vibration settings menu. That said, it doesn’t seem to work, at least a user could not get it to stick. We’ll have to wait for ourselves to see – or hear – exactly how well it works.

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