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DENVER (CBS4) – Dozens of families in Denver’s Green Valley Ranch community have been seized by the Master Homeowners Association. According to the Denver Department of Housing Stability, the MHA was behind 50 of the 119 total HOA-related foreclosures in 2021. No other HOA citywide filed more than five total foreclosures.

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Gil Gonzalez Ramos is among those who lost their home in a foreclosure. Gonzales Ramos admits he hasn’t paid the fines imposed by his HOA. However, he only expected support from his house. He never realized the HOA had the legal authority under Colorado law to push for a foreclosure.

“It’s frustrating dealing with this, especially when I have to explain to my kids what’s going on,” Gonzales Ramos told CBS4’s Dillon Thomas.

“Apparently, I no longer have a home. They sold him,” Ramos said.

Gonzales Ramos said he bought the house 17 years ago as affordable housing. He told CBS4 that he has never missed a payment to Wells Fargo on his mortgage. However, he confessed that he ignored the fines he was being cited for maintaining the property by his HOA.

“I am the father of four children. When they decided to tell me that I had lost my house, that’s when it hit,” said Gonzales Ramos.

“I failed to make my court in the time allotted, and the HOA decided to keep the $1,000 in serious money,” Ramos said.

Since then, Gonzales Ramos said his property has been fined nearly $5,000 over the years for small infractions.

“Starting at $50 for weed. Starting at $50 for upholstery. From the trash being taken out. Stuff like that. I did not pay these fines. I hold myself responsible for this,” said Gonzales Ramos.

“I had no idea I was going to end up with a court foreclosure through the HOA,” Ramos added.

Gonzales Ramos said he asked Wells Fargo for help after learning the HOA was heading for seizure. However, he alleges Wells Fargo said they couldn’t help him with the situation.

He said his house was sold to an investor and manager who offered to rent it to the Gonzales Ramos family. The family is still trying to find a way to stay in their home and own it.

Gonzales Ramos said he was one of many who lost their homes to foreclosure actions by the Master Homeowners Association for Green Valley Ranch. He said he would find a way to cover his $5,000 fine if it involved keeping his house. However, he fears it is too late.

After 17 years of never missing a payment, Gonzales Ramos said he wants to at least get the equity he paid for on the property.

“I have been in this house for 16 or 17 years. To think that I lost all that capital would be financially devastating,” said Gonzales Ramos.

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