How bots make event planning a breeze

Tom Gibby, Co-Founder and CMO, The Bot Platform, goes in-depth on how you can use automation tools to help ease the burden of event planning. It identifies key issues for teams during the planning process and provides digital solutions to these challenges.

The past few years have seen a lot of change for businesses that have become business as usual. In-person events have shifted to the realm of the virtual, and with the pandemic becoming background noise and real-life events steadily returning on the rise, the way companies approach corporate event planning (and indeed the way how they interact with staff) has undergone fundamental change. Companies have relied on virtual communication tools to plan events and communicate effectively with their distributed teams. Internal communication channels like Microsoft Teams and Workplace By Meta have become essential tools for almost every business.

Thanks to this change born of necessity, many companies have found an unexpected boon that has made engaging with staff and planning corporate events a breeze. Staff engagement has never been so dynamic, large chunks of time spent on mundane but necessary administration have been freed up and productivity has soared.

What is the cause of this corporate revolution?


Bots provide targeted automated communications that augment event planning and operations. Event assistants and apps can integrate with the channel staff they already use (like Microsoft Teams and Workplace) and be a game-changer for planning and managing virtual and in-person events.

Organizing a large corporate event (virtual or IRL) can often feel like a Herculean task: a myriad of types of communication must take place before, after and during the event with a whole host of different people. Then there’s speaker liaison, logistics and technical setup and health and safety requirements, and there’s always an unforeseen issue that can arise at the last minute.

Using bots can streamline the event planning process and dramatically improve a company’s communications and marketing strategy to eliminate major pain points and repetitive tasks. The business-friendly communications that bots provide engage attendees and allow more time to be spent creating a top-notch experience that would otherwise be spent planning back and forth building the event . Bots can ensure that you are in complete control of all your known functions and help you react quickly and adapt to any unknown developments that should arise.

Streamlining all communication data into a single channel makes it easier to keep track of information and avoids the confusion that often arises when communication is spread across multiple channels. Many communication problems arise when information systems are integrated (often unintentionally) into a one-way system or conference-type method of communication. To foster genuine and healthy interaction, a two-way communication system is necessary. One that promotes engagement and highlights ideas that previously may have remained buried. According to Markletic, 49% marketers claim that audience engagement is the biggest contributing factor to an event’s success. Bespoke bots integrated into a single communication channel bring the flow of information to life and foster a healthy and efficient exchange that drives engagement.

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Bots can help manage all stages of the event process

Before the event, they can:

  • Send broadcasts about the upcoming event.
  • Automatically respond to FAQs, which are often plentiful before the event, especially in these post-COVID times we live in. Having FAQs prepared and automated can save a lot of time; these can cover a wide range of issues, from dietary requirements to the speaker’s schedule.
  • Create surveys so that solutions and ideas can be brought to the attention of organizers to create a better experience. For example, which speaker people would most like to involve, when is the audience’s favorite time for a keynote, etc.

During the event, bots can help by sending broadcasts that welcome attendees and send alerts throughout the conference when events happen – such as when the bar is open or the raffle starts in 15 minutes , etc. The event can be made more interactive and engaging by notifying attendees of any developments and providing etiquette details (particularly important for virtual events). You can run polls or ask questions during the event to increase audience interaction and ensure people are connected and as engaged as possible.

Post-event bots can:

  • Gather feedback on how the event went and find ways to improve. What were the most popular segments or speakers? Who should we book next time?
  • Share clips and video footage from the event as a follow-up or send bonus content to attendees.
  • Reinforce key messages from the event and outline steps on how to proceed in the immediate future.

Bots are changing the way events are scheduled and the nature of events. By offering the communication-boosting features listed above, attendee engagement has never been higher.

In an increasingly virtual world, events hosted on tools like Teams are just as prevalent as IRL events, and here bots provide a seamless exchange of information over a single channel without the need for a host. dedicated or HR involvement which can be time consuming. Users can instantly get event information as simply as picking up their phone and texting a friend. There is 24/7 access to information, as the robots operate around the clock, configure different time zones, and can be tailored to an individual’s preferences and working hours.

Real and lasting improvement can be achieved through surveys conducted through your Event Assistant bot. Getting the big picture and understanding how and why improvements need to be made is too often an elusive undertaking when using multiple communication streams and when there are mountains of manual administration to go through. Quality feedback can often be an afterthought without the ability to measure and integrate into pre-existing systems.

An Event Assistant Bot can save you time and money and boost your event’s engagement and success. Time and money that would otherwise be consumed in the hassle of manually answering questions and the mechanisms for transmitting information are now freed up.

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