How the IT Security Industry Benefits from Gender Diversity

Rasha Rajeh, Channel Account Manager, Middle East at Infoblox, discusses the role of female executives in IT security.

Rasha Rajeh, Channel Account Manager, Middle East at Infoblox

Please describe your role within your organization related to cybersecurity?

I’m Infoblox’s Channel Account Manager for the Middle East. I believe in the scalability of channels and the power of channels to drive customer success. I am responsible for driving partners to leverage Infoblox offers in the MEA region by targeting new logo accounts. I also work closely with channel leaders, distributors, and national resellers to build a more robust partner ecosystem, grow Infoblox’s footprint, and grow business in my territories while ensuring fair profitability for partners.

What would you describe as the main technical and managerial strengths that you have developed throughout your career?

My journey at Infoblox has had a significant impact on my professional and personal development, helping me build a tactical approach to enrich my skills and strengths, including developing operational agility, efficiency and divergent thinking as well as professional adaptability that are so vital in our new world. .

Do you think any of them were accelerated or inhibited due to sex?

The demand for gender diversity is evident in the world of technology; for me, it becomes above all necessary to seize opportunities and demand respect in such a masculine field. That comes with some hurdles, that’s for sure, because we have to push harder for those opportunities, the recognition and the trust. However, it can also be a good gateway, as people are interested in new ideas and diverse perspectives. A diverse workforce can enjoy new experiences and a wide variety of opportunities to grow, innovate and improve collaboration. In general, cybersecurity always has a dilemma of perception when it comes to Women in a Cyber ​​World.

Among your peers in cybersecurity, what is their overall impression of their career being accelerated or inhibited due to gender?

Cybersecurity professionals share the same workplace values, priorities and aspirations in our competitive world, but have different challenges. Gender diversity is a challenge for women and sustaining themselves in a male-dominated environment is another. However, the cyber world is even more complex and competitive these days, with the need for continuous evolution and transformation, which increases competition. Global companies tend to balance the scarcity of diversity, challenging everyone to strive for differentiation.

How do you think diversity enriches the work culture in cybersecurity organizations?

I’m lucky that Infoblox strongly encourages and implements gender diversity. I have seen how these efforts can leverage diverse perspectives and creativity to drive innovation and create a more profitable and productive business.

Gender diversity enables organizations to be more agile and innovative, fostering excellent internal and external communication and improving employee engagement and retention rates. Additionally, a gender-diverse talent pool enables an organization to attract and retain the best workers. A distinct skill base can also help organizations offer a wider and more versatile range of products and services. Hopefully, the cybersecurity space can be a more rewarding and welcoming field for everyone.

Please describe some of your favorite cybersecurity experiences during your career?

Pursuing a career in cybersecurity is extremely exciting and highly rewarding, especially since it has become essential to the fabric of any modern business. Additionally, it is a culturally diverse industry, which allows us to interact and learn from people from different backgrounds and embrace diverse cultures. In addition, it sheds light on the latest innovations, transformations, risks and trends. Lastly, as it is a fast-moving industry, it offers the ultimate growth potential with plenty of opportunities and chances to make an impact.

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