How to prepare for a wildfire before it hits

SOUTHERN OREGON, — The Oregon Health Authority, Department of Environmental Quality and Oregon State University are raising awareness about wildfire smoke and its impact. Monday’s Smoke Ready Oregon webinar focused on how to prepare for wildfire smoke as the start of fire season nears.

Forest fires produce air pollution in the form of smoke. Inhaling particles in the smoke can be increasingly dangerous to your health.

The presentation shared that the combination of rising global temperatures and more severe drought is creating more favorable conditions for wildfires to start. Experts recommend taking steps to prepare before a wildfire starts.

Have a plan for food, water, medicine, and evacuation, keep N-95s on hand, use HEPA air filters in your home, and sign up for DEQ air quality advisories. air.

“As you prepare for wildfire season, while you’re outdoors creating your defensible space, remember to look at your doors and windows, are they properly sealed, can you close all the vents? vents that expose your indoor air to the outside air, just make sure those things are working properly,” said OHA Risk Communications Analyst Jamie Bash.

The DEQ recommends keeping up to date with air quality advisories, you can do this by visiting

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