In case you missed it

Editors on the news side of this outfit spend hours every day (and on holidays and weekends) scouring news agencies to deliver the most important news that readers need or want to know. They do such a good job that those of us on the opinion side (and perhaps some readers) take them for granted.

Example :

Last Wednesday, on one of the international pages, you might have found this little article in the news section: two Egyptian girls were found beheaded in a camp in northwestern Syria that houses tens of thousands of women and children “linked to the Islamic State.”

It’s a horrible story. The most important news is often.

Back to the article:

“The girls’ bodies were found in the camp’s sewage system a few days after their disappearance, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. The group said the girls were decapitated. This was the first crime like this for weeks at the facility.” (Emphasis ours.)

The first such crime in weeks! In other words, it’s not unusual.

The story further explains, “Such gruesome crimes in the camp are usually committed by members of IS sleeper cells, especially against women who resist the group’s extreme ideology.” Like, for example, wanting to learn to read or walk alone in public?

This is what the rest of the world is facing. Remember things like this when someone explains that cultures are all equal and that “law” and “morality” depend on one point of view.

NB: The girls were 11 and 13 years old. Another detail the editors on the other side of the room thought they would include. In case you missed it.

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