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Sadia Rashid, President, Hamdard Group Pakistan

The iconic drink that connects millions of people around the world to their homes has come a long way and continues to thrive

Published: Sun 14 August 2022, 00:00

On March 23, 2018, the Pakistani community in the United States, especially in New York City, was pleasantly surprised when the famous Times Square was lit up with a colorful Rooh Afza advertisement, celebrating Pakistan Day. Thousands of Pakistanis around the world flooded the internet with photos and videos of the event, sparking unprecedented patriotic fervor. Within days, the love the ad received from countless millions of people around the world testified to the brand that has survived a century and grown with Pakistan, reinforcing its strong association with the country year after year. native country. Therefore, for every Pakistani, no matter what part of the world they find themselves in, Rooh Afza will always serve as a reminder of their home country and allow them to take a little piece of Pakistan with them.

This timeless bond between Rooh Afza and Pakistan is the culmination of a dream of visionary entrepreneur and social reformer, Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said, the founder of Hamdard Pakistan. Through his unprecedented struggle and sacrifice, Rooh Afza has become the pride of the nation, representing Pakistan wherever he goes in the world; whether on a magazine, a billboard, a van, a shelf in a supermarket, or in the pantry of countless South Asians living abroad. Rooh Afza is Hamdard Pakistan’s featured product among hundreds of herbal products. Hakim Said was himself a patriot and, thanks to him, Hamdard Pakistan is inherently a strong advocate of patriotism and philanthropy. He launched Hamdard Pakistan as a revivalist movement of “Unani medicine”, with a strong focus on social development and nurturing the younger generations with education. Today, in pursuit of excellence and following the principles and guidelines of its founder, Hamdard Pakistan has evolved over time. Every year, apart from its institutional affairs, the brand actively pursues scientific research on drugs and diseases. Each year, the organization adds new products to its product continuum, while adhering to international standards with ethical workplace practices. Hamdard Pakistan guarantees the quality and standard of its products and adheres to international standards and laws prescribed by ISO and WHO. All Hamdard products are duly registered with government authorities such as the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP). Hamdard Pakistan follows a zero tolerance policy when it comes to compromise on quality.

As Hamdard Pakistan experts research new and innovative ways to treat the human body, specialty beverages and medicines are at the forefront of Hamdard’s new product pipeline. Like, in recent years, Hamdard Pakistan has added more products to its already over 400 product portfolio. These include Hamdard Gulab Mist, Hamdard Herbal Hair Oil, Sualin Kids Syrup, Migrex, Naunehal Nappy Cream, Rooh Afza GO, Doodh Rooh Afza: A Nutrition Boost; Hamdard honey: 100% natural product; Naunehal Colic Drops, a remedy for colic in babies, Naunehal Herbal Toothpaste and Sualin Lozenges, relief from sore throat, inflammation and cough. Furthermore, Hamdard Pakitan has spearheaded innovation and research and in recent years has introduced highly effective medicines to control hypertension and strengthen heart muscles like Qurs-e-Fishar and Dil Sukh .

Advancing the domain of ‘Tibb-i-Unani’ is one of the main areas of interest for Hamdard Pakistan. Hakim Said’s legacy is reflected in a strong appreciation of the importance of research and development in traditional medicine. Under his leadership, Hamdard Pakistan revitalized the field through continuous research on various herbs and their compositions. Hamdard continues to be instrumental in research and development to provide the best medical care to the general public. For this, Hamdard Pakistan effectively runs a comprehensive network of free Hamdard clinics across the country.

Recently, Hamdard Pakistan launched a campaign to digitize all clinics and the first ever digital Matab started its operations in Karachi. Hamdard Pakistan offers the first of its kind free mobile clinics to provide health facilities at the doorstep of patients and has set up various hospitals across the country.

All Hamdard Matabs provide free medical checkups and consultations because Hakim Said, besides being an excellent doctor, was also a philanthropist and an educator committed to developing the health and education sectors in Pakistan. This sense of purpose has always led Hamdard Pakistan to play an important role in the development and promotion of general health, education and social welfare.

All social welfare initiatives are carried out under the aegis of the Hamdard Foundation Pakistan, which was established in 1964 to wisely use the funds given to it by Hamdard Pakistan. In line with its vision and purpose of service to country and humanity, these are employed for the advancement of health, education and social upliftment.

Hamdard Pakistan operates schools, colleges and the country’s largest private sector university – Hamdard University (HU), built in Madinat al-Hikmah (City of Education, Science and Culture) – l one of the most emblematic creations of its founder, Hakim Saïd. In its quest to serve humanity, Hamdard Pakistan launches various campaigns to promote health and healthy lifestyle among the general masses.

“Hamdard Zindagi” is one such initiative, where Hamdard (Hakims) experts and doctors provide free medical advice on an online social media platform through weekly webinars. Patients and those seeking medical advice can easily visit Hamdard Zindagi’s Facebook page and can directly share their problems with the Hakim.

Other important CSR initiatives of Hamdard Pakistan regarding the improvement of general health are the annual planting campaign as well as the Rooh Afza and Hamdard Sharbat-e-Bazuri float campaign to combat heat waves in the country by providing these drinks to people stuck in traffic or working in the Chauffer.

Serving people and helping those in need has become part of Hamdard’s corporate culture. In fact, philanthropy is always taken into consideration when the organization develops its strategy and sets goals for the future. The future comes with its own challenges, but Hamdard Pakistan, under the leadership of its Hamdard Group Chairman, Sadia Rashid is more than prepared to meet them. It has always been his desire to push Hakim Said’s message of well-being forward. Accordingly, well-being is a cornerstone of Hamdard’s values ​​and is embedded in all its activities, including its corporate positioning, namely “Aafiyat Se Jeetey Raho” to express its optimistic outlook.

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