‘It breaks his heart to think he may not sing again, but there’s always hope’ – Son reveals Eurovision star Roy Taylor’s courageous battle with motor neuron disease

Just over three decades ago, Roy Taylor was a household name, after he and his band, Jump the Gun, represented Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Almost 30 years to the day, on April 12, 2018, the musician and singer suffered a terrible blow when he was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease (MND).

Despite the devastating news, over the past few years he has done everything possible to stay positive by creating Watch Your Back MND to raise funds and awareness for the disease.

He also relied on the power of music to help him and his family cope with this debilitating disease.

Having recorded a number of songs to raise funds for MND, including my new dream, a ballad performed with his son Terence. which reached number 1 in 2020, he just recorded a new song with music legend Finbar Furey.

“I’m honored to share this song, The door to music, with Roy Taylor,” the Fureys frontman said. “He is a wonderful singer and a very special person who tragically suffers from motor neurone disease and who works valiantly to help raise awareness of this terrible disease.”

According to Terence, it was legendary folk musician Furey who came up with the idea to collaborate with Roy to raise funds for MND research.

“Peter Eades, member of Jump The Gun and Dad’s best friend, is Finbar’s musical director and producer,” said Terence. “Peter mentioned that Finbar wanted to come visit my father because he felt compelled to meet him after hearing his story.

“I was there that day while my father and Finbar swapped old stories over lunch. And a few days later Peter called to say that Finbar had an unfinished song called The door to music and upon meeting Roy he was so inspired that he finished the last verse song and invited my dad to record it with him as he wanted this song to raise awareness for MND.

The song has just been released and as Roy continues to battle MND his ability to sing and write music has been seriously affected so this may be the last song he will record.

But Terence says his dad is determined to keep playing for as long as possible.

“It breaks his heart to think that maybe he won’t sing again,” Terence said. “But I remember the day he was diagnosed when he thought he would never play again and it turned out to be wrong, even though he sometimes struggled physically.

“So I still have high hopes that he can still be musically creative, regardless of his illness.

“My brother Adam is currently teaching him to use software that will allow him to compose music only with his hands-free headset and his PC. So I think there’s more musical magic to come from Roy Taylor.

All profits from The door to music will go to Research Motor Neurone and the Irish Motor Neurone Association.

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