“It just broke my heart”

The second islander dropped from love island usa Season 4 Tyler Radziszewski claimed that Chazz Bryant teaming up with Sereniti Springs “blindsided” him and “broke” his heart.

Tyler Radziszewski says Sereniti and Chazz’s pairing ‘blindsided’ him

Tyler Radziszewski, 23, became the second islander to be dumped from the villa after just three days on the island. After his departure, he talks with page 6 of his surprising exit.

Coupled in Sereniti Springs at the time, Chazz Bryant’s sister chose her to team up with her brother in a recoupling ceremony, which ultimately led to Tyler’s elimination.

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He admitted it “caught him off guard” and didn’t expect to leave, noting his connection to Sereniti at the time. “And it just broke my heart,” he added.

Regardless of how he felt, Tyler said he wanted her to focus on having a good time at the villa, hoping she finds “what she wants.” Even so, the Ohio native recalled seeing her cry as they left, calling it “heartbreaking” as he wanted to continue their journey on the island. “I wish I could have had one more conversation with her when I was leaving.”

Tyler still plans to visit Sereniti in New Orleans

As for the other islanders who voted to save Zeta Morrison over him, Tyler said he had no bad feelings and “completely understand” the decision.

While it’s unclear if Tyler wants to pursue something romantic with her, he plans to visit her in New Orleans. “We feel like we’ll be in each other’s lives in some way.”

He also wants Serenti to win and is “really looking forward” to contacting her after she leaves the villa.

After his release, Sereniti left with Chazz, attempting to establish a connection with him. Even though it looked like there might be something wrong with Jesse Bray, who picked her to kiss a few times over his love interest Deb Chubb, she stuck with Chazz. The two had a conversation and she explained that she wanted to stay in a relationship with him.

Sereniti recently left “Love Island USA”

In a confessional, she said she saw “potential” in Chazz but thinks he has things to work on, including communication.

Their connection began to die out and they went to bed without speaking, upsetting Chazz. He annoyed her in the morning by only doing makeup on her side of the bed. Newcomer Kat Gibson caught his eye and he started making her breakfast instead.

While she appreciated what he had done for her and called him someone every girl needed, Chazz felt that Kat was “f****** perfect” for him. He then chose to couple with her on Sereniti in a “wild” talk, effectively throwing her off the island.

Feeling that his words didn’t match his actions, the situation upset Sereniti, who returned gifts to him before walking out. Tyler posted a photo of Sereniti leaving the villa on his Instagram Story without a caption. It’s unclear if the two have reconnected at this time. love island usa airs Tuesday through Sunday on Peacock.

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