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To elaborate on the impact of rookie receivers in the Aaron Rodgers era, maybe there wasn’t a big impact on rookies because there wasn’t a pressing need? The Packers had the luxury of not having to rush these young receivers onto the field right away. What about rookie receivers in the Favre era, how did they do?

I agree on the lack of urgent need in general. As Wes mentioned, when Adams arrived, Nelson and Randall Cobb were running the WR show. When Cobb arrived, this team had Nelson, Jennings, Jones, Driver (and Finley at TE). When MVS arrived, Adams and Cobb were there, along with Graham. We’ll just have to see how the dynamic plays out. In the Favre era, Freeman had eight catches for 106 yards and a touchdown as a rookie in 1995. Brooks was 12-126-1 in 1992. Walker was 23-319-1 in 2002. Then near the end, the trend changed when Jennings (45-632-3 in 2006) and Jones (47-676-2 in 2007) entered the scene with bigger rookie years.

Morning Spof, I think a lot of Packer’s angst about Davante and the wide receiver void is the unknown. When was the last time the Packers went from No. 1 receiver without having the backup on the roster? It’s settled in so well for over a decade that it’s just uncharted territory.

It almost has to go back to Sharpe’s abrupt retirement after the 1994 season. Brooks’ numbers that year were 58-648-4 as No. 2. The following year he put up 102-1,497 -13, so we’ll see.

Stephen from Menomonee Falls, WI

Are we asking the right question? Shouldn’t we be saying who Rodgers will throw those 1,300-1,500 yards to, not who will catch 1,300-1,500 yards?

The first is who, but I like the way you think.

I love 17 as much as anyone, but no WR beats an all-pro MLB, a clutch rotating CB, your QB’s favorite TE, AND extra first- and second-round picks. In terms of total value, it all seems to have turned out as well as it realistically could – certainly better than anyone should have expected. But, Mike, what do you think of the noise about the Packers matching LV’s offer? In my mind, that just means Adams has more than one NFL friend he’d love to play with before he retires.

To be clear, the Packers re-signed Campbell before trading Adams. The plan, and preferred outcome, was to have both here. To your question, if the reports are accurate, the Packers have offered equivalent or similar money, it’s because no team wants to see players leave on a Hall of Fame trajectory. Real difference makers really do, uh, make a difference. They give you an advantage every time they enter the field, which impacts every aspect of an opponent’s game plan. There is no overselling. I think the Packers are maximizing what they can get out of this development, what they need to do and how the business works.

Dean of Leavenworth, IN

Welcome Mike, I hope the break has served you well. I could be wrong, but it looks like the only Packers WR under contract for 2023 is Amari Rodgers? I predict two in the first two rounds (I’m usually wrong). Considering how long it takes most WRs to make an impact, could you see them adding a third or fourth midway through the late rounds? Is the WR class as deep as they say this year?

It’s deep, but it seems to be on a regular basis now, as the college game continues to produce game receivers. It’s not a difficult position to replenish, but it’s not as easy as throwing darts on a table. Projection, adjustment, intangibles, etc., all apply to find the good ones, whatever the trick.

Jacob from West Allis, WI

Now that Davante Adams’ time with the Packer is over, how does he rank among the Packers’ best receivers of all time? Please list your top five.

Boy, it’s hard. Hutson, Lofton and Sharpe belong in the top five for me, no arguments. Then it’s a matter of picking two out of Adams, Nelson and Driver. I don’t want to leave any out.

Darren from Wakefield, Michigan

Welcome back, Mike. Hope you had a good PTO. The QB shuffle through the league this offseason reminds me of watching the Scrambler at carnival. Which movement intrigues or surprises you the most?

I learned not to be too surprised by anything, but what happened with Watson just floored me – the trade compensation and the contract in the middle of the off-pitch situation – I just couldn’t get it all just not to understand. When the friend I was with first mentioned it, I thought he was making it all up.

Justin from Los Angeles, California

When players pass or fail a physical, does each team have its own standards or is it standardized league-wide? Is it possible that an injury is acceptable for one team but not for another?

Yes, one team can pass a player on a physical while another misses. Opinions regarding injuries often diverge.

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