IT security is about change management; A preview of the security exhibition and conference in August

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IT security was already a board-level discussion point, but it is becoming an increasingly critical challenge for businesses, with the scale of the threat landscape increasing rapidly in recent years. For many companies, turning to their channel partners is their only answer.

Earlier this year, in response to the geopolitical environment and a general proliferation of malware and other threats, the Australian government issued a high cybersecurity alert and recommended that organizations adopt “to urgently” a strengthened cybersecurity posture.

However, research shows that only 9% of Australian IT professionals feel their organization is “prepared” for the IT security threat. Meanwhile, across the country, there is a serious cybersecurity skills gap that is only growing.

For the chain, the combination of these challenges, coupled with the urgency of the situation, is a significant opportunity to take a leading position with its customers.

Understand the opportunity

For distribution organizations to be able to meet the challenge of security within their customers, understanding the scale of the challenge is the first priority. Elsewhere in IT, organizations are investing in transforming their IT environments to become more agile and digitally focused and seize the opportunities offered by AI, IoT and Edge.

In practice, organizations are also moving from hybrid working to a stopgap solution allowing teams to continue operating despite COVID-enforced lockdowns and social distancing to become a permanent and strategic part of the organization’s work approach. . This has other security implications for everything from protecting video and voice conferencing from remote eavesdropping to securing physical equipment, as better screens, cameras and voice equipment are introduced into meeting rooms and home offices.

Diversified Communications Australia is hosting two events in August that aim to help distribution organizations understand their role in creating solutions that meet their customers’ needs. One is the Integrate Expo. This three-day event will contain key themes on blended working and the AV experience needed to structure an organization to take a strategic perspective on new ways of working.

Channel Partners will find value in sessions such as “Pitching Your IT Needs to the IT Team” which will help them better understand the dynamics that occur between IT and other lines of business within their organization, while “Implementing Cybersecurity for IoT, AV, Media, and Workplace Technology in Enterprise Environments” will be a deep dive into the specific cybersecurity implications of technology which allows hybrid work.

Meanwhile, the 2022 Security Expo and Conference, which will run concurrently in August, will take a more holistic look at security across the organization. The event includes the ASIAL Security 2022 conference, where sessions will examine the ongoing security implications of digital transformation and AI, how channel partners can help their customers build capabilities and security capabilities, and the implications of risk management with IT. Additionally, there will be a networking event with the Security 2022 gala dinner, an exhibition that brings together all the major vendors in the security field, and other events.

The scope of the opportunity

As noted by Gartner, the approach enterprises take to security is changing. CISOs are transforming their roles from technologists to business strategists who engage at the board level and are responsible for managing risk across the enterprise. Today more than ever, they need the support of their partners.

Meanwhile, across the organization, companies are rethinking the security technology stack based on the growing sophistication of new threats, they are looking to push cybersecurity decision-making down to business units to improve responsiveness and overall security posture, and they’re evolving and reframing the practice of security.

This becomes an opportunity for solutions for the chain. From the product-driven shift from perimeter security to a zero-trust approach, and the adoption of new endpoint secure technologies, to audits and managed services (which help customers address their skills shortages internal), there is plenty of opportunity for distribution organizations to expand their role as a technology provider to that of a strategic partner.

Successful partners supporting this transition will be those who understand security in the context of other business objectives and can ensure that security solutions are an enabler rather than an impediment.

One of the main sessions of the ASIAL Safety Conference, as part of the Safety Expo and Conference, will be an in-depth look at the Sydney Local Health District’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. . Forced to transform its operations and quickly engage with new IT solutions, the organization has been able to continue treating patients and supporting the community while remaining compliant with the heavy regulatory burden healthcare has around privacy. and data protection.

Examples like this are what businesses of all sizes need from their channel partners moving forward.

For more information about the security expo and conference, summaries of keynote addresses, and to book conference tickets, Click here.

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