IT Security Startup Aiden Achieves 5x ARR in Less Than 12 Months with Launch of Intelligent Endpoint Management Solution

PLANO, TX, December 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — As 2021 brought massive cyberattacks and business disruptions that left IT managers feeling additional pressure, the team at Aid brought a unique solution to the market. Aiden’s intelligent endpoint management solution has demonstrated a 97% reduction in vulnerabilities, 75% fewer support tickets, and significant savings in time spent provisioning computers. By automating the tedious IT tasks involved in software deployment, operating system configuration, and compliance, Aiden ensures computers have exactly the software they need and nothing more.

Sean MaloneyAiden’s technology creator, said, “Setting up and maintaining computers shouldn’t be difficult. We use hyperautomation and AI to extend to all of our customers what has been perfected by IT teams the most sophisticated.

CEO of Aiden, Joshua Aaron, will host a virtual discussion aimed at addressing a key concern for IT security teams heading into 2022, “Desired State: Myth or Reality?” on December 7, 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. PST, to discuss how organizations are securing computers and improving the end-user experience in the new normal. “Whether responding to support tickets or issuing software updates, our customers tell us they feel like they’re constantly playing a mole game. With Aiden, IT teams spend less time troubleshooting and worrying about security and compliance, while spending more time focusing on high-impact, high-value projects. We are improving the lives of many CISOs, CIOs and CTOs,” Aaron said.

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Aiden’s team is proud to look back on the company’s growth over the past year and how it serves corporate clients. Over the past year, the company:

November 2020: Launch AI Bot
Aiden launched its first new product, an AI robot for enterprise environments, leveraging hyperautomation to maintain the desired state configuration across all Windows computers.

February 2021: announces “blockbuster” advisory board
Aid created a business advisory board earlier this year, adding 13 accomplished people to the roster to help guide the company’s go-to-market strategy. These trusted advisors include people from well-known technology, media and manufacturing companies, including Microsoft, Asurion and The New York Times.

April 2021: Official launch
Aid officially launched just eight months ago, initially unveiling its DevOps solution for Windows to automate enterprise endpoint management. Its mission, to respond to the “paradigm shift in IT security”, highlights the critical need to bring IT and cybersecurity together to create a more reliable and secure computing environment.

June 2021: Raised one $2.9M round seed
This funding cycle was made by leading investment from Right Side Capital Management and a mix of experienced institutional and strategic individual investors. This investment furthered Aiden’s mission to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to ensure every Windows endpoint is constantly updated and secure, bridging the gap between IT and cybersecurity.

October 2021: Joined the Microsoft for Startups program
Aiden was among a select group of startups in 2021 to officially join the Microsoft for Startups community. Microsoft for Startups is a global program to help startups scale with Microsoft-based technologies. Each year, Microsoft selects 200 startups to be part of its program with a rigorous selection process.

November 2021: 5x ARR
Witnessing the power of hyperautomation and the continuous configuration of the desired state, Aiden added leading financial services companies and global life science and biotechnology organizations.

Present: Massive growth; Incredible Culture
Aiden has more than doubled in size and is actively recruiting. New openings are posted daily here.

Meet Aiden
Aid is a software deployment, computer provisioning, and endpoint security solution for Microsoft Windows. Aiden empowers CIOs, CTOs, and CISOs with overburdened IT teams to offload tedious maintenance, so their engineers can focus on high-visibility projects. Aiden’s AI bot integrates with any deployment tool, providing the content required to enforce desired state configuration and compliance. By reducing system patch update time from an average of 102 days to less than two weeks, Aiden reduces vulnerabilities by 97% and support tickets by more than 75%. For more information, visit and follow us on social media @meetaiden.

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