‘It’s crazy to think about it’; 16-year-old leads the way in bowling after recording three perfect games – InForum

MOORHEAD — From the time he could hold a bowling ball, Lucas Hersrud was at Sunset Lanes.

“In the summer it’s probably four (hours) a day, every week,” Lucas said.

“This is our home,” said her mother, Nikki.

“It was fun watching him literally grow from when he could barely look over my check-in counter to now. I had the chance to coach him all through high school and really get to know him. He’s just a hard-working kid who loves the game,” Nadine Swee said.

Swee is the Fargo-Moorhead association and tournament manager, but she is also one of Lucas’ coaches.

“He calls me a coach. I consider myself a glorified cheerleader. He’s a much better bowler than me, which sometimes happens as a coach. He’s so dedicated to training and not just throwing shots, but figuring out how to get the best spares,” Swee said.

Lucas grew up bowling. Now he is following in the footsteps of mum and dad, who are both successful bowlers.

“We have always played bowling. When he came of age, he really got into it and really loved it. I would say 10 or 11 we took him to his first grown-up tournament. It was in St. Cloud and everyone was like ‘who is this kid, he’s short’ and he just had a good time. Since then he has loved bowling,” Nikki said.

Out of thousands of games he’s played, nothing could compare to Lucas’ performance in last weekend’s state tournament. In 18 games played, spread over two days, Lucas played three perfect games.

“It’s very crazy to think about it. It is certainly the highest. It must be, because they said it’s never happened in 60 years. It’s a big achievement for me,” said Lucas.

“I started at the same time as him. I’ve been there 41 years and I’ve got four 300 games and he’s just passed me now so he’s got five,” Nikki said.

“Him doing it this weekend was exciting and then it just kept happening and it was getting closer and closer and I was like ‘what’s going on’? He was connected , something I’m sure I’ll never see again in my time I played my first 300 in a state tournament and it’s different from the others isn’t it? your best, do it in the state tournament,” Nadine said.

Even if Lucas becomes one of the most elite bowlers around, you wouldn’t know it with his quiet confidence. He just wants to keep improving.

“It’s obviously nerve-wracking, of course. But once you get the first one it’s easier as it says but twice a day it gets really nervous,” Lucas said.

“He comes home, he gives me a hug and says okay, I’m going to practice mum. Then I say okay, we’ll see each other again,” Nikki said.

Lucas has always admired the local bowlers in his lanes. Now he’s setting the stage for who could call to get that perfect next game.

“It’s kind of cool to think about, because I looked up to bowlers like my dad and all when I was young and just thinking about it, that’s pretty cool to have.”

Lucas has high hopes of bowling in college after graduating next year.

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