It’s the experience that matters most

David Mahaffey

Napa County voters are in luck this year. Unlike many other voters, we are not beleaguered by candidates peddling Donald Trump’s election denial fantasy. At last count, more than 200 election candidates across the country are spreading this vicious lie, confusing the electorate and eating away at the heart of our democracy. Here, our candidates are engaged in honest debates about real issues. They are friendly, serious and willing to roll up their sleeves to help the public. This is the America we were all raised to believe in.

In the District 1 Napa County Supervisor race, we have two strong candidates, Joelle Gallagher and Suzanne Truchard. They are both intelligent and compassionate women who have made their mark. But one of them, Joelle Gallagher, has far more experience on the issues that matter most to Napans, having served for decades in leadership roles providing support to families and children at the Cope Family Center and the First 5 Napa County, representing agricultural concerns in the Farm Bureau and Grape Growers Association, participating in the Napa County Planning Commission, and more. Additionally, she is a strong supporter of our environment, defending our limited water resources and advocating for the climate. After 42 years of winemaking, I’ve seen firsthand the impact of climate change on the industry, and it’s important to me to have someone in the office who deeply understands agriculture and climate change.

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One more thing. I’ve read here, and heard people say that experience doesn’t matter, that what we need are “new faces”. This argument makes no sense to me. Can anyone honestly look in the mirror and say, damn it, I have all this experience, but it doesn’t count for anything. Has anyone ever heard of an employer who says, well, I have a candidate with a lot of experience, but I think I’m just going to go with the person with a lot less experience. Please! That’s the argument we’ve heard from our former president and current chief Holocaust denier, and see where that takes us.

Experience matters, and never more than now. I am delighted to be able to vote for Joelle Gallagher.

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