Kingdom Hearts On Switch Apparently Doesn’t Want You To Play It

Cloud ports of the Kingdom Hearts series on Nintendo Switch have received a patch that tells players not to play the games while the issues persist.

The ports of the Cloud version of the Kingdom Hearts Series on Nintendo Switch just got a 1.0.3 patch that basically just tells players not to play the game. The cloud versions of Kingdom Hearts on Switch have been plagued with countless issues from the start, turning the series’ highly anticipated arrival on Switch into little more than a heartbreaking disappointment.

It’s actually not impossible for a game like kingdom hearts 3 to run natively on Switch. The Switch was able to run current-gen games like Mortal Kombat 11 and MLB The Show 22, but with significant drops in graphics quality. The same goes for other big AAA titles like The Witcher 3from the impressive native Switch port. But the challenges kingdom hearts 3 working on Switch make it a reasonable game to stream via the Cloud. Sadly, there aren’t nearly as many excuses, if any, for previous games in the series not getting native Switch ports, and the May 12 patch 1.0.3 brings that point home.


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At its best, patch 1.0.3 for Kingdom Hearts 3 + Remind gives players the option to prioritize graphics quality or performance when starting the game. While this is a fair option to include in the kingdom hearts 3 port on Switch, this still doesn’t fix the other port issues. This is especially true for the previous Kingdom Hearts titles on Switch, which are not getting this part of the update. Instead patch 1.0.3 for the previous Kingdom Hearts games on Switch titles only add the ability for players to see current server congestion on the game’s portal page, recommending people not to play these single-player games if the server is particularly full.

Kingdom Hearts switchport issues have not been resolved

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Cloud server stability is just one of many factors at play when it comes to the messy end result of the Kingdom Hearts Cloud switch ports. Even with a good internet connection, players can lose communication – and therefore any unsaved game progress – if their Switch goes into sleep mode. This can happen for a number of factors, including something as simple as the player getting up to do something else for a few moments. Anyone interested in playing Kingdom Hearts on the go, as that would be one of the biggest draws to playing the series on Switch as opposed to PlayStation 4, may also not have access to a strong internet connection at all times.

In the end, none of Kingdom Hearts Cloud version switch port issues have been resolved with the 1.0.3 patch. Just knowing how heavily the server is currently utilized won’t solve other common port issues such as audio out of sync, input lag, and game crashes. not worth trying to run the Cloud versions of the Kingdom Hearts series, and there’s probably no real way to fix them because their problems are inherent in how cloud streaming video games work. At this rate, the best fans can hope for is native ports of the Kingdom Hearts games to make their way to Nintendo Switch one day.

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