Leave it to Evers: Doing the Right Thing for Wisconsin

Empowering Wisconsin | August 3, 2022

MADISON – New Governor Tony Evers campaign announcement plays on its phony folk image. He insists he “may not be the flashiest guy around,” but he “will always do the right thing for Wisconsin.”

He won’t, as his record attests.

As Evers’ 13th campaign ad about his re-election quest flooded the airwaves in Wisconsin on Tuesday, the Legislature’s Professional Licensing Review Committee met to get to the bottom of the licensing mess created by the department. security and professional services from Evers.

Professionals in Wisconsin — from psychologists and social workers to security guards and welders — have experienced the same kinds of bureaucratic nightmares as the tens of thousands of unemployed Wisconsinites stuck in Evers. incompetent Ministry of Workforce Development. Many say DSPS left them waiting for hours, lost their papers and failed to update their files. The story is always the same: DSPS is quick to cash its checks, very slow to process its license applications.

As Badger State grapples with a healthcare worker shortage crisis, Evers’ dysfunctional DSPS has left much-needed professionals excluded from job opportunities. In one case documented by Wisconsin Spotlight, a couple seeking to return to Wisconsin risked losing their home because DSPS had not processed the wife’s application for a family nurse practitioner license for nearly six months.

“(My wife) is not alone. There are countless other nurse practitioners and other out-of-state providers who want to move to Wisconsin and work there, but they are all stuck in the same black hole. of a loop, unable to move forward,” the husband, a certified registered nurse anesthetist, wrote in an urgent email to state Rep. Shae Sortwell (R-Two Rivers).

It’s a “completely broken system”, he said.

And Evers could have done something to fix it. Instead, his inexplicably incompetent agency waited over a year to demand the millions of dollars the Joint Finance Committee had set aside for system upgrades. In fact, the agency made the request just two weeks ago, DSPS officials told the legislative committee. The emails show an absent governor who has had no contact with his DSPS secretary about the ongoing licensing crisis.

There is a trend here.

Emails obtained by Empower Wisconsin show Evers had little contact with his bumbling Department of Workforce Development secretary while unemployed Wisconsin workers waited months and months for their unemployment checks. The governor appears to have met with his head of workforce development only once between March 1 and September 18, 2020 – and it was ultimately to fire him amid mounting public pressure.

Evers, on the other hand, will always do right by his far-left base. The Democrat has remained in constant communication with his big donor teacher union allies who have pushed to keep schools closed during the pandemic, according to emails obtained by Empower Wisconsin.

The irresponsible executive’s half-hearted and slow response to the race riots that swept Madison and Kenosha in the summer of 2020 cost lives and tens of millions of dollars in damage. Evers was quick to demonize law enforcement while calming and defending the destructive mob.

Ask business leaders in Kenosha’s Uptown and Downtown neighborhoods — parts of which have been burned to the ground by Black Lives Matter rioters — if this governor will “still do the right thing for Wisconsin.” They’re likely to have a different grip, too.

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