Massachusetts driver narrowly escapes pickup truck before tractor-trailer wrecks half of it in crash on Interstate 495

Quick thinking led to a driver narrowly escaping a harrowing incident without injury as his vehicle was destroyed by a tractor-trailer in an accident on Interstate 495 South in Boxborough on Sunday evening.

The Boxborough Police Department and Boxborough Fire Department responded to a car crash on I-495 South on Sunday night, authorities said.

Prior to the crash, police say a disabled van was stopped in the recovery lane on I-495 south with the driver inside. The driver noticed a fast-moving tractor-trailer in the breakdown behind the pickup, officials said. Moments before the tractor-trailer collided with her van, the driver was able to escape from her vehicle, police said.

Semi-trailer accident on I-495 south in Boxborough. The driver of the vehicle was able to escape from the vehicle moments before the crash.

Photos of the totaled car have been posted on the Boxborough Police Officers Association website. Facebook page, the images show the entire rear part of the vehicle destroyed as a result of the accident.

“We are happy to report that his quick thinking saved his life,” the Boxborough Police Officer’s Association posted on Facebook. “She is free of injuries.”

Police did not release the name of the driver. Police reminded anyone who breaks down on the freeway to get out of their vehicle and take cover near the nearest guardrail.

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