Mercury Retrograde September 2022 Astrology: What It Means For Your Zodiac Sign

Mercury in retrograde is here and this time it comes for your love life.

On Saturday at 1:38 p.m. AEST Mercury begins its retrograde in Libra and it will last until October 2 at 8:07 p.m. AEST in Virgo.

Libra rules romance and partnerships, putting all types of relationships under the microscope — friendships, business collaborations, soul mate relationships, and love matches.

Reflection, revision and re-evaluation are encouraged – opposite, doing anything beginning with “re” is the golden rule for surviving and thriving during Mercury’s backspin. Some relationships will reach their expiration date during this downgrade, while others can be revived.

And because this Mercury retrograde begins on the same day as the Full Moon in Pisces, an astrological event of extreme sensitivity and intense feeling, some relationship revelations are likely to be extremely emotional. A trip down memory lane, a song or a photograph can be enough to trigger a tsunami of tears.

But Mercury’s retrograde as it passes through practical Virgo, which begins September 23 at 10:04 p.m. AEST, is very different. Perfectionists are tested when technology takes a frustrating turn or their intent is misinterpreted in conversation. If this happens to you, it is better not to force the issue. Don’t panic! Wait until Mercury has given up on its rewind, and if that’s not possible, work through the problem methodically, paying attention to detail.

What is Mercury retrograde?

Every time Mercury retrogrades, it explodes on social media and in conversations among astronomy-savvy Millennials. But does the planet that rules communication, travel and technology deserve its notorious reputation?

Let’s get one thing clear – Mercury doesn’t actually go backwards during its retrograde. No planet does that. Imagine you are driving and the car next to you appears to be backing up. Although he is not backing up at all, he just appears to be in reverse as he is driving at a slower speed. It’s the same optical illusion that can also be used to describe Mercury’s retrograde.

From our vantage point here on Earth, Mercury’s apparent reversal in the sky has given rise to a disturbing and largely misunderstood astrological phenomenon. Yet despite its frightening reputation and its association with technological disasters, disruptions, and broken communications, Mercury retrograde is quite common, occurring three to four times a year for about three weeks each time.

What happens when Mercury hits its cosmic brakes?

All things related to Mercury can go wrong when it doesn’t move smoothly through the zodiac. And because Mercury rules communication, everything from technology failures, missing emails, misinterpreted text messages, computer glitches, and social media meltdowns are possible.

On top of that, the Mercury rewind has been associated with travel issues and stock market crashes. Relationships are also in the retrograde line of fire, with old flames popping up out of the blue to finish unfinished business, and sometimes that can spark romantic reunions.

The same rules apply whenever Mercury goes retrograde: back up your computer, avoid travel, communicate clearly, read the fine print, don’t sign contracts, and don’t reconnect with your ex! That said, sometimes it’s impossible or downright dangerous to avoid these things. In this case, weighing the pros and cons before making a decision makes sense.

Retrograde tints

Mercury retrograde’s shadow periods occur before and after its retrograde. These “retroshades” are determined by the zodiacal points that Mercury begins and ends its rewind and stretch for about two weeks either side of the actual retrograde. Add it all up and you end up with a paltry five to seven months a year where you don’t have to dodge the curveballs of retrograde Mercury!

For this reason, many astrologers (including this author) take retroshadow periods with a pinch of cosmic salt.

Mercury’s reputation is rooted in mythology

In ancient mythology, Mercury was the Greek god Hermes. His Roman counterpart acted as liaison between gods and mortals, relaying messages at lightning speed on his winged sandals. Mercury was the god of trade, commerce, communication, thieves, and travel, earning himself a reputation as a master negotiator who could get out of sticky situations.

Mercury’s mythological roots are where the planet derives its astrological significance, and Mercury’s zodiac position flavors how we experience the themes mentioned above.

Here’s how Mercury retrograde affects your star sign:

Locate your Rising and Sun sign below to determine how Mercury’s upcoming retrograde on September 10 affects you.


Mercury retrograde brings a relationship revelation of epic proportions. What you achieve changes the course of a romantic partnership or a project that requires cohesive teamwork. Use this time for introspection and reflection, and let your ideas work until Mercury flows forward again.


The second half of Mercury’s reversal delivers a love ultimatum to couples. Make a decision if you must, but do your best to delay concrete action until October 3. Discuss the matter in a calm setting and communicate with crystal clarity. Only? Don’t bite the commitment bullet yet, Taurus. Ask lots of questions first.


An exciting new professional contact seems too good to be true, and they want to know you’re up to it before they invest their time and money. Hold on. All will be revealed once Mercury races full steam ahead, so plan your celebrations. Stop doubting yourself sabotaging this golden opportunity and believe in yourself, Gemini.


The crabs experience a classic moment of foot-and-mouth disease this retrograde. But you can avoid a verbal faux pas by being very careful with your words. Also, be careful when texting, as your intentions could easily be misinterpreted. That said, it’s not the end of the world if you make a mistake. Just laugh if you do.


Mercury’s reverse red lights are investing your hard-earned cash in risky schemes, so steer clear of financial plans or projects that haven’t been tested and proven. Do not go. However, you get the cosmic green light to revise your budget, revise an existing economic structure, or think up new ways to free up your cash flow.


A technological device causes you grief during the first half of Mercury’s retrograde, but once the pensive planet enters your sign, you think about improving your appearance. Tempted by a tattoo or a radical haircut? Look for fabulous designs and new looks, but don’t make an appointment until Mercury Retrograde is done and dusted off.


For you, darling Libra, sharing is benevolent. You’re the sign of Libra, so an equal give-and-take ratio is paramount to your emotional well-being. This Mercury retrograde kicks off in your sign, causing a reassessment of what is being asked of you. How much are you willing to sacrifice? Isn’t it time you took care of yourself?


You’re deeply private, so when Mercury encourages you to join a group with similar spiritual interests, no one is more surprised than you, Scorpio. But think about it. Prayer, intention, affirmation and manifestation are most powerful on mass, like-minded souls who enjoy silence and question the “why” of life are your kind of people.


Reconnecting with a friend or associate from your past allows you to clear the air. Just because the communication planet is in reverse doesn’t mean you have to hold back from telling the truth, but think about what you want to say before you blurt out the first thing that comes to mind. Carefully planning your conversation avoids regrets down the track.


Don’t get involved in office gossip; it will spread like wildfire and you will look like the one who lit the match. Professionally speaking, this retrograde Mercury is positive for Goats considering a career change. Use this time to research alternative options and network your antennae. Keep it to yourself for now.


Elevate your sex life to greater heights when Mercury explores lusty positions and even sensual taboo. While you can confidently bring to life any fantasy that’s been floating around in your head, retrogrades aren’t great with anything new. Fulfill an erotic wish before trying something that has never crossed your mind before.


The second half of Mercury retrograde is the most powerful as it rewinds through your relationship zone. Big questions about love and partnerships are emerging, and you’ll have to dig deep to find the answers. Thinking about your expectations is the healthiest thing you can do, as long as you think carefully before issuing a drastic ultimatum.

Natacha Weber, PMAAAC, MAFA, is accredited by the Australian Academy of Astrology and Cosmobiology and is a member of the American Federation of Astrologers, the Federation of Australian Astrologers and the Victorian Astrologer’s Association. Natasha is one of six recipients to be awarded the prestigious AAAC degree for her significant contribution to astrological research | @astrotash

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