More easyJet cancellations for passengers as ‘IT glitch’ continues

EasyJet passengers were hit by flight cancellations and long delays on Thursday (May 26) after the airline reportedly ran into a software glitch.

The chaos continues today as dozens more flights have already been canceled leaving some holidaymakers unable to return home.

The airline says the computer outage has been fixed, but some disruptions may continue throughout the day.

It is the latest blow for the company which is struggling with staff shortages amid rising travel demand.

Which easyJet flights have been cancelled?

On Thursday, some 200 easyJet flights were canceled to and from UK airports including Gatwick, Stansted, London and Manchester.

The problem is believed to be a computer glitch that forced the airline to cancel hundreds of departing flights throughout the afternoon. It also caused major delays later in the day.

Many flights were reportedly canceled at the last minute, even after boarding.

“Our flight to Gibraltar was canceled yesterday after a full day of waiting and even boarding,” a passenger wrote on Twitter. “All day we were told our flight would continue until 5.15am and were told it was canceled before the attendants.”

The company released a statement apologizing for the disruption.

“We advise customers scheduled to travel with us today to continue to check Flight Tracker to check their flight status before heading to the airport,” the company added.

Easyjet chaos continues

On Friday, 20 other flights have already been canceled from Gatwick, Edinburgh, Newcastle and Bristol. Travelers report a persistent lack of communication from the airline.

“Can someone explain to me what is going on with the passengers of flight EZY8782?” a Twitter user wrote.

“This flight has now been delayed for almost 24 hours and my parents are still stuck in Chania, with no confirmation of how they are getting home.”

Travelers at Gatwick Airport are also reporting queues of over three hours for check-in.

More than 30,000 passengers have been affected so far and today’s cancellations are expected to affect another 3,000.

Can customers claim compensation?

Initially, the airline appeared to suggest that passengers were not eligible for compensation for canceled flights, as the software failure was not the company’s fault.

“Looks like @easyJet is canceling a lot of flights this afternoon (not yet clear if this is all flights)”, Which one? Travel Editor Rory Boland wrote on Twitter.

“In the communications I have seen it is claimed that this is an extraordinary circumstance (meaning no compensation is payable). He does not give a reason, which is unnecessary.

However, easyJet then announced that customers could claim canceled flights.

“If it is an EasyJet IT failure, passengers are entitled to re-routing at the ‘first opportunity’ on another carrier or a refund. And compensation, usually £220 (€260) per person,” Boland said.

A series of problems at easyJet

This week’s disruption comes as the aviation industry struggles to cope with a surge in travel bookings following the removal of travel restrictions in most countries.

Last month easyJet was also forced to cut hundreds of flights due to staff shortages.

Is the aeronautics industry in crisis?

Easyjet is not the only airline to be plagued with problems in recent months.

British Airways announced this month that it had been forced to cut its schedule by 10%. About 8,000 round trips were removed between March and October.

The country’s airports have also seen chaotic scenes with long queues and “gigantic” delays due to lack of staff.

Outside the UK, Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam is also boiling. The situation has deteriorated so badly that Dutch airline KLM has halted ticket sales for flights departing from the airport by Monday, citing staff shortages.

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