Notre Dame team rallies around ‘traffic cone hats’ as they race to gold in Henley

Hats off to Notre Dame Rowing Club for winning gold in the men’s under-19 quad at the 138th Royal Canadian Henley Regatta in St. Catharines.

In fact, Preston Darling, Matthew Johnston, Alessio Perco and John Ross kept their distinctive glow-in-the-dark orange hats on – and in the bright sunshine – as they needed just 6:02.690 for the club’s fifth medal. Welland at the Six Day Regatta.

A crew of three athletes from EL Crossley Secondary School in Pelham and one from Grimsby Secondary School decided to wear the ‘traffic cone hats’ because they wanted ‘something fun and memorable “.

“No one is guaranteed to win Henley so I thought even if we didn’t win it would be a great team building exercise. I think it really lifted the spirits of the team,” he said. said Ross, who will study business and accounting at Brock University after graduating from Grimsby High School.

“We all gathered around the hat, we thought they were amazing.

“They kind of gave us a false sense of confidence which I think really helped us in the end.”

It was the second at this year’s Henley for Darling and Perco. Darling took first place with Owen Nicholls in the men’s under-19 pair, while Perco set the tone in the men’s under-19 singles.

While Perco, who will start his 12th year at Crossley in September, will treasure both medals, the gold for winning the quadruple will have a special meaning.

“When you’re in a quad you definitely get that team feeling. You all achieve success together,” he said. “In singles it’s a different pride, you’re all on your own.

“Doing it with a team is really the best feeling.”

Compared to Notre Dame’s performance in the pair, the quad went down on the wire.

“This one was a little closer than the pair. We had to fight for it,” Darling said.

In June, Johnston, who like Darling intends to take a year off after graduating from Crossley, won a gold in eight and a silver in two at the Association Regatta Canadian High School Rowing in Martindale. He said winning gold at Henley for the first time was “great”.

“It was a good crew, it was a good race. It was tough, there was never a guarantee,” he said. “It feels really good to be on the podium with these boys.”

Matthew Finley gave the St. Catharines Rowing Club its fifth gold medal by finishing first in the men’s singles championship on Sunday’s final day of racing. He won the senior men’s final earlier in the regatta.

Here are the top three, winning times, as well as home club finishes in Sunday’s final:

Women’s quad under 19: 1.Cambridge, 6:37.600; 2. Argonaut, 3. Ottawa, 5. St. Catharines.

Senior men lightweight quad: 1. University of Victoria (UVic), 6:05.200; 2. Riverside, 3. Leander.

Women’s Championship Pair: 1. Ontario Row, 7:04.100; 2. Calgary, 3. Vespers.

Men’s Championship Pair: 1. California, 6:24.080; 2. Buffalo Scholastic, 3. California.

Quad men under 19: 1. Notre Dame, Preston Darling, Alessio Perco, Matthew Johnston, John Ross, 6:02.690; 2. St. Catharines, 3. Thunder Crew.

Senior Men’s Singles 64 kilograms: 1. Ottawa, 7:09.810; 2. Monmouth Juniors, 3. Kingston.

Quad senior women: 1. ARION, 6:29.210; 2. ARION, 3. UVic.

Four coxed men under 17: 1. Princeton/Mercer National Rowing Association, 6:33.160; 2. Pittsford Crew, 3. Buffalo Scholastic.

Eight senior men’s lightweights: 1. Buffalo Scholastic, 5:44.990; 2. St. Catharines.

Eight senior women’s lightweights: 1. Leander, 6:35.010; 2. Ottawa.

Four men under 23: 1. UVic, 5:58.810; 2. Cascadilla, 3. Mendota, 6. St. Catharines.

Four women under 23: 1. Vesper, 6:53.120; 2. Ottawa, 3. St. Catharines, 4. St. Catharines.

Quad senior men: 1. Riverside, 5:59.180; 2. Montreal, 3. St. Catharines.

Eight men under 19: 1. TBC Racing, North America; 2. Cambridge, 3. Hawk Rowing Club.

Single ladies under 17: 1. Don Rowing Club, 8:01.170; 2. Rowing Lachine Rowing, 3. Conshohocken.

Eight women under 19: 1. Cambridge Boat Club, 6:24.110; 2. Princeton National Rowing Association/Mercer, 3. Community Rowing Inc.

Women’s senior lightweight quad: 1. Ottawa, 6:41.100; 2. Argonaut, 3, Leander.

Pair lightweight men under 23: 1. West side, 6:50.170; 2. Bare Hill Rowing Association, 3. Western University, 4. St. Catharines.

Single ladies under 23: 1. Great Bay Rowing, 7:35.110; 2. Craftsbury Green Racing Project, 3. Craftsbury Green Racing Project, 6. Notre Dame.

Men’s doubles under 17: 1. Cambridge Boat Club, 6:45.950; 2. Thunder Crew, 3. Y Quad Cities, 4. Notre Dame.

Four women’s lightweights under 23: 1. UVic, 6:51.360; 2. Western University, 3. Ottawa.

Women’s Singles Championship: 1. Montreal, 7:31.310; 2. ARION, 3. Craftsbury Green Racing Project.

Men’s Singles Championship: 1. St. Catharines, Matthew Finley, 6:52.710; 2. Saugatuck, 3. Ridley Graduate Boat Club.

Women’s Singles Championship: 1. Row Ontario, 6:10.690; 2. Vesper, 3. Argonaut.

Eighth in the men’s championship: 1. Mendota, 5:32.720; 2. UVic, 3. Buffalo Scholastic.

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