NZMA board recommends winding up association

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The New Zealand Medical Association board has recommended that the organization be wound up at its annual general meeting at the end of the month.

Board chairman Alistair Humphrey said in a statement that the association’s financial situation was unsustainable after two decades of stagnant membership and accumulating deficits that had reached the point where the union had to dissolve or face insolvency.

“Serial NZMA’s boards and staff have made many attempts over the past few years to find a way to salvage the association – downsize, undertake a merger, increase revenue or cut costs somewhere,” said said Dr. Humphrey.

“Despite their best efforts, the financial situation has become increasingly precarious and the reality now is that this Board and this President must deliver the heartbreaking news to the membership: the financial situation of the New Zealand Medical Association is unsustainable.”

The NZMA first met in 1886 and became a subsidiary of the British Medical Association (BMA) in 1896, remaining a branch of the BMA until 1967.

It publishes the New Zealand Medical Journal and is the trustee of New Zealand’s membership of the World Medical Association.

A resolution will be presented to members at the AGM on May 30 and, if approved, will be confirmed at a special general meeting at the end of June.

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