Rivers beat Barracas Central in the final and, with no appearances, he climbed to the top of the Professional League and Superclassico with a few player touches.

River was not the defining team that Gallardo expected, but They beat Barracas Central 2-0. Towards the end, he faced a few attacks from the visitor for being with a lesser footballer. Nicolas de la Cruz and Miguel Borja, About the end, He is the author of Two Goals. With this victory, Millionaire is fourth on the table with 29 units. He arrived at the Superclassico the following Sunday, but with a few important footballers who had to leave as a precaution: Emanuel Mammana and Pablo Solari have been substituted due to muscle issues We will therefore see in the week how they approach the duel against Boca. Moreover, they add an injury to Franco Armani which probably doesn’t hold up against Xeneize.

Nicolas de la Cruz, author of one of the goals of the victory of the river on Barracas CentralMauro Alfieri – The Nation

The Colombian Miguel Borja breaks the arc of Arce. Suárez cross Borja received, hung on and made it 2-0 for River in what was a tough time but settled the game and breathed a breather.

Another four minutes of the match are played in which the locals feel the downcast man and The visitor is the one who wants to tie with a pure heart.

Ivan Tapia orders a nice free kick for the visitor. He tried the goalie’s stick and got too close. Another method from De Paoli’s team.

Valenzuela is one of the most obvious footballers in the visitor. The midfielder took a rebound after the blocked ball and tried to shoot with the mouthpiece, but He went over the crossbar. The visitor moves slowly, but cannot move to the foreground of the local hierarchy.

When it seemed like the river play was under control, the visitor’s arrival was very clear. A center behind was left for the Sepulveda, But his shot is missed and bounces off a millionaire footballer. De Paoli’s side take advantage of the extra man.

Bruno Zuculini, booked 39 minutes into the first half, received a second yellow card for elbowing Neri Bandiera. Delfino didn’t hesitate to send off the millionaire footballer, who still has one less player.

Beltran gives way to Borja and Solari to Suarez. River’s coach starts thinking about the players who will face Boca next Sunday.

The millionaire dominates. He regularly moves into Baracas territory, although he misses on every approach. The lack of efficiency in the opening minutes of the second leg is evident for Gallardo’s side.

New arrival of the river. Beltrán pressed on a point, Solari returned the cross to Aleandro who wanted to keep it.But his shot hit the post. Millionaire is very close to scoring second.

Pablo Solari scored an inside goal after a corner, but the shot was deflected By a Barracas Central defender.

On the date before the Superclásico, Rivers beat Barracas Central 1-0 and all 45 seconds left. To start this part, Gallardo made two changes: Javier Pinola came on for Emanuele Mammana and Esquiel Barco for Juan Fernando Quintero. For its part, no changes were made during the trip.

with a superb goal scored by Millionaire Nicolas de la Cruz beat Baracas 1-0. Gallardo’s team had a tough game from the start against an opponent who imposed themselves on the pitch. However, after the goal it was Rivers who handled the options, but without moving too much into his opponent’s territory.

De la Cruz, author of the goal with which River beat BarracassoMauro Alfieri – The Nation

Millionaire was very well stopped after the goal. He is the one who holds the ball, the one who dominates the choices and the one who comes. De la Cruz saw Beltrán enter the box, he sent the cross, but firing pin attached to crossbar In another arrival from the Gallardo team.

A great local initiative. Nicolas de la Cruz is the one who started it and the one who finished it. He played with Beltrán, the striker saw Uruguay, allowed him and he 1 to 0. crossed out to insert Against an opponent who has been tough in the game so far. The piece was reviewed in VAR for a suspected advanced condition, but the target writer was activated.

Lucas Beltrán found himself inside the field and Gonzalo Paz to try to block the shot, He left his foot at the foot of the river striker. Several millionaire players have requested that the game be reviewed by VAR. It seems that Delfino had the communication, but the order was not charged from the premises.

Pablo Solari settles inside the field, faces Ars in hand, finishes, but The Barracas goalkeeper fired a kick. It was initially the second most obvious arrival from the river after Beltran.

Barracas had a blocked ball to put the ball in the river area. Tapia sent the cross to the far post and Ferreira hit the beach, But none of the teammates came in to kill him and a save rejection pushed the threat back into Team Gallardo territory.

Played in the center of the river attack and the ball entered the area from the left. was connected by a center Milton Casco, But the goalkeeper Ars contained without problem.

After a corner, the millionaire had his first chanceLucas Beltran He cleared the goal after a rebound that stayed inside the box, but a saving leg kicked him in the corner Still. The place is getting closer and closer.

The first part of the match between Crorepati and Handsome, corresponds to pro league date 17 With the mediation of the German Delfino.

river and barracks they are already on the playing field Dell Monument, which seems wrapped up in its booth. There will be a draw between home side captain Milton Casco and Ivan Tapia during the trip. With flags, chants and flames, the home crowd gave their players a warm welcome as they entered the pitch.

Along with a set of lights in the new stands, River showed off the work being done at Memorial Stadium, which will be renovated in the coming months.

Purple lights and party in the Memorial grandstand
Purple lights and party in the Memorial grandstandTelevision recording

Too From Paolic as Gallardo He announced the players who will be among the starters for this Sunday’s game. The millionaire who wouldn’t have Franco Armani and Enzo Perez, Arranged the following 11: Ezekiel Centurion; Milton Helmets, Emmanuel Mammana, Paulo Diaz and Eliza Gomez; Rodrigo Aliandro, Bruno Zuculini and Nicolas de la Cruz; John Quintero; Pablo Solari and Lucas Beltran.

barracks, meanwhileIt will be released with these titles: Christian maple; Faasundo Mater, Nicolas Ferreira, Gonzalo Paz and Juan Ignacio Diaz; Fernando Valenzuela, Carlos Maple, Ivan Tapia and Pablo Mouche; Neri Bandiera and Bruno Sepulveda.

River and Barracas. correspondence between were 14 years old, 12 of which correspond 1920s. There have been seven wins for Rivera, two for Barraques Central and four draws. The last confrontation took place on July 13. And it was the only one officially and for professionalism. This is the corresponding meeting 16th in the Argentinian Cup In which the Gallardo team lost 3-0 with goals scored by Casco, Palavesino and Martínez.

the party will have tnt sports broadcast, But it can also be watched online through cable operators and satellite TV platforms like Flow or DirecTVGo. In any case, it’s important to have a client, but it’s also important to have a football pack. Plus, live coverage on Country It will include minute-by-minute descriptions and images of key match action.

We begin our coverage of one of the doubles on date 17 of the Professional League. The millionaire receives the guapo at the memorial. Marcelo Gallardo’s side will be looking for another victory in the championship which will continue to bring them closer to the leaders. For its part, the expulsion of visitors will continue on the basis of the remoteness of the area. The German Delfino will referee the match.

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