Say it in… Ukrainian |

LES Mentrau Iaith have produced leaflets sharing some ‘essential’ Welsh words translated into Ukrainian.

Heledd ap Gwynfor, Communications Coordinator at Mentrau Iaith Cymru says:

“These leaflets are a way to introduce some Welsh to those who have moved to Wales from Ukraine. The list of Welsh words translated into Ukrainian also includes Ukrainian phonetics to help Ukrainians pronounce Welsh words.

The Mentrau Iaith have produced a number of leaflets in the past introducing Welsh words focusing on various popular themes, for example Christmas, the four seasons and also traditional Welsh holidays such as Saint Dwynwen’s Day, but this is the first time produce one in a third language. . Held explains:

“These flyers have been very popular and have been shared several times on our social platforms. Hopefully this will benefit a new community of people and help them feel part of a new Welsh community, no matter what part of Wales they live in.

Tanya Davenport is from Ukraine and lives in Carmarthen with her husband and their children, she says:

“The welcome Ukrainians have had here in Wales is so appreciated, and I am proud to say that I belong to the Welsh and Ukrainian communities. Many Ukrainians come here traumatized after seeing the hate and grief, but these small gestures are a positive feeling.

Tanya’s parents fled Poltava in eastern Ukraine and have since settled with the family in Carmarthen:

“They hear the [Welsh] language all around them they see signs and are therefore curious – this leaflet showing how to say words in Welsh – including Ukrainian phonetics – is just wonderful and will make my parents feel even more included in this new and warm community.

Llinos Davies is a supportive Welsh teacher in Ceredigion and works with Ukrainian children as they settle here, providing stability while introducing them to education. Linos says:

“I teach children of all ages to be able to communicate linguistically. It’s so important for them to pick up some Welsh so they can empathize and feel even more included in their new community. I love to hear them speak Welsh, and they also love to hear me trying to speak a little Ukrainian. It is important to show that we are all learning and that we all want to know more about each other.

Llinos has shared a video on You Tube showing her teaching Welsh at the same time as learning Ukrainian with English thrown in for good measure too! She believes these leaflets will further enrich the Ukrainian experiences in Wales:

“Everything helps. It’s just a small gesture to be able to say a word or two in their language, and these pamphlets are a useful reference for them to try and say a few Welsh words.

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