Scammers ‘romance’ victims, convince them to buy cryptocurrency and send it to a fraudulent exchange

Lake County authorities are warning residents of an ongoing cryptocurrency romance scheme.

According to the sheriff’s office, scammers will befriend victims, usually on a dating app or social media app, then trick and “romance” the victim into thinking they’re in a legitimate relationship. through regular and ongoing communication with the victim.

Once the victim thinks they are in a relationship with the scammer, the scammer will convince the victim to buy popular cryptocurrencies.

The scammer will then trick the victim into believing that they can make more profit by trading the cryptocurrency to a different cryptocurrency exchange.

These secondary exchanges are usually fraudulent and have websites that appear legit.


The scammer then tells the victim to send their cryptocurrency to that other exchange and will give them details of where to send it, authorities said.

Once the victim sends the crypto to these unknown cryptocurrency wallets, law enforcement officials find it difficult to track their whereabouts and develop a suspect.

If you are unsure of the legitimacy of a cryptocurrency exchange, you should research and research reviews, authorities said.

If you can’t find data on the exchange, it’s most likely fraud, officials said.

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