The IT guy who automated his job for a year without getting caught

An anonymous Reddit post about an IT professional’s gold hack breaks the internet, garnering 81.2 thousand votes and over five thousand comments. The viral post details how he automated his work in a week. While he was busy playing video games and having fun while working from home, his code did all the heavy lifting.

In the subreddit – r/antiwork, user Throwaway59724 claimed he was able to write, debug, and perfect a simple script to do all his work. He only worked 10 minutes a day and let the code do the rest.

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He claims to work as an IT specialist in a medium-sized law firm. His company was in the process of migrating its evidence management system to the cloud, under his responsibility. As the only person with admin access to the cloud, he automated the entire task.

His script scanned the on-premises drive for new files, generated hashes for them, and uploaded them to the cloud. The code then again generated hash values ​​for fidelity.

The script he wrote is in batch with some portions of powershell. The basic code came from a Google search “transfer .bat files” followed by “.bat how to transfer only certain types of files” etc. for new files, knowing where not to scan due to lag (seriously, if you have a folder with 200,000 .txt files, that crap will slow your scans down considerably. Better to move it manually, then edit the script to omit this dossier of future research).

“The local disk is theirs, the cloud disk is theirs, the VPN is theirs. The PC I bought with my own money specifically for this task only runs the script. There are no working files or evidence stored on my PC. The script is literally the only thing on the PC other than the operating system,” he added.

After the post went viral, it was rocked with questions from curious Redditors. One user asked why not monetize the code?, to which he replied, “Please understand that this is not a premium program worth millions. It is is about a few lines of code written in notepad. It only has value in this situation because the desktop has no technical skills. It’s the type of script that people put on GitHub with a $5 price tag linked to their PayPal.

He also had a good defense for the question, what if he got caught? “I’m just going to get rid of the script. I use it on equipment I own so if they lose me they lose the job. Create my own job security,” he said.

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