The Minister of Communication Science and Technology, Mr. Tšoinyane Rapapa, said that it is high time for journalists to specialize in different areas of journalism to be able to report with understanding.

It is time for journalists to specialize in several areas of journalism, according to Mr. Toinyane Rapapa, Minister of Communication Science and Technology, so that they can report with understanding.

On Monday, the The continental secretariat of the African Peer Review Mechanism (APMR), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Relations and the Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) Lesotho are jointly organizing the two-day training workshop to the APMR media.

According to Mr. Rapapa, the training will further serve as a communication network for disseminating APRM reports and publications as well as sensitizing the public, enlightening and educating the media on APRM processes.

This training will go a long way in cementing the friendly relations between Lesotho and Ethiopia, he said.

After its founding in 2003, Lesotho became the 12th African Union (AU) member state to voluntarily join the APRM in July 2004.

He noted that like other Member States, Lesotho considers the APRM as the best tool for self-assessment and promotion of governance in Africa to advance economic development, participatory democracy, peace and everlasting tranquility. .

He pointed out that Lesotho had undergone a review in 2009 and that some of the lessons learned from that review included, among others, the need to prioritize technical details when putting in place APRM structures. in countries submitting reviews, resource mobilization and autonomous technical body to shorten delays in the review process.

Further speaking, Mr. Ntsukunyane Lekhetho, Country Director of MISA Lesotho, said the objectives of the media training are to inform and educate the media community about the APRM process in Lesotho.

By creating a national media strategy, he continued, it aims to encourage consistent and sustained reporting and coverage of the APRM process.

Once again, the aim of the training is to create a network of communicators who will disseminate information on APRM reports and publications.

Likewise, Adv. Batlokoa Makong, Acting Chief of Staff of the Continental APRM Secretariat, said the main objective of the APRM is to promote the adoption of laws, regulations and practices that promote stability, rapid economic growth and sustainable development. .

In May 2019, South Africa hosted the inaugural Communicators Network APRM conference. In light of this, the APRM will hold its first media training on June 27-28 in Maseru, Lesotho.

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