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New Delhi: Goosebumps, blushing, hair-raising fear and paling, we have all experienced these reactions on our skin, most of which are caused by emotions or feelings, be it excitement, nervousness, embarrassment or fear. It is clear that our mind and our skin “talk” to each other directly in one way or another.

Science proves it beyond doubt: receptors in our skin nervous system bind to neurotransmitters to send messages to the brain and immune system about external and even internal stimuli that impact our skin. This helps the brain to solve all problems, to react correctly to stimuli and to create a feeling of well-being. What happens if these processes are interrupted or slowed down? This is when our skin breaks out, becomes inflamed or becomes overly sensitive. Or simply begins to age prematurely.

Do you remember the sensation felt when you use a product containing menthol? Your skin feels fresh and there is also a reduction in pain. An aromatherapy oil massage relaxes your mind as well as your muscles. These products help us in sensory and textural ways to de-stress or improve our mood, invigorate or soothe us by soothing our skin.

The new generation of clean beauty neuro-cosmetics companies have taken this idea one step further. They have created wonderful products using a holistic approach that gets you working inside and out. These products make your skin look like a million bucks, and they also make you feel amazing, by working on the internal processes of the nervous system. Such products, developed through extensive research, improve, support and repair skin-brain communication processes at the neurological level – by simple topical application!

You may ask – how is this possible? How can something you apply to your skin impact your brain and your feelings while fixing your skin issues? Read on for all the answers.

Mainly derived from natural plant-based active ingredients, clean beauty’s neurocosmetic products act to prolong the lifespan and effectiveness of cells. Which means they can actually reverse the effects of aging on our skin. The science behind this almost miraculous effect is simple. Ingredients such as neuro-peptides in clean beauty neurocosmetics modulate and enhance these essential messengers, neurotransmitters, in their work of communicating with the brain. Once this two-way communication becomes more effective through the magic of neurocosmetics, a lasting skin transformation begins to occur, slowing aging, reducing inflammation and promoting healing.

Here is a great example of how this actually happens in the nervous system of our skin. We all know that the stress in our lives manifests itself so clearly on our skin, making it look dull, older or inflamed. Indeed, stress promotes the release of cortisol, the stress hormone that damages the collagen in our body. However, if products containing neuropeptides are used on the skin, they act as neurotransmitters and significantly reduce hormones like cortisol, making our skin look immediately younger, healthier and more radiant.

Here’s another example of how these cutting-edge new products called neurocosmetics can change the way our skin works. Some products contain beta-endorphins (another type of neuropeptide) which reduce pain and protect the skin barrier, increase the number of healthy cells and help them function better – all this in addition to helping aging cells communicate better with the brain. They also act directly on nerve fibers, making the skin less reactive to external stimuli, which is good news for hypersensitive skin.

Neurocosmetics goes far beyond the simple cosmetic routine, helping the skin to protect itself, regenerate or soothe itself, to become younger, calmer and healthier. And they also have a relaxing and calming effect on the brain and nerves. At a time when most people are looking for eco-friendly, clean and gentle skincare products, what better than products that transform the inside and the outside of you?

So, if you have any doubts about how a cosmetic can work wonders on your skin and improve your mood, try it yourself! Discover the new generation of clean neurocosmetics about to be launched in India in early September.

(Roshini Sanah Jaiswal is Promoter and CEO of Swanrose Inc (USA) and Swanrose India Pvt. Ltd. and owner of personal care brand JustHuman.)

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