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iPhone Focus modes allow users to turn off message notifications. Here’s why it’s recommended to notify contacts when enabled.

One of the best updates included in Apple’s latest version of iOS is the Focus feature, and with it the ability to share its current status setting with iPhone contacts. Focus lets users focus on important tasks by giving them the ability to customize and choose which mobile apps to temporarily disable and which ones to receive alerts or notifications from when they’re busy. It also lets other people and apps know when their messages are muted at the moment.

Focus has a few preset modes which include Do not disturb, Staff, To work, Sleep, Aptitudeand Conduct. Users can also create custom ones if none match the type of tasks they want to focus on. They can be configured to activate automatically at a prescribed time, at a specific location, or when using certain applications. They also have an additional option to share their Focus status.


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A To concentrate Status is a small introductory text that appears on some iPhone apps when users attempt to contact or message other users who have Focus Mode enabled. It’s basically a warning telling people that the person they’re trying to reach may have notifications silenced and therefore won’t be able to respond in a timely manner. Contacts can then decide to contact them later or, in an emergency, bypass Focus Mode and notify the user of the incoming message.

How to “Share Focus Status” and Why iPhone Users Should

To use Focus and its additional features, make sure the iOS device is up to date. Each focus mode has its own setting that allows users to share their focus status. To enable share status option, go to iPhone settings and tap ‘To concentrate‘ (half moon icon). Tap a focus mode and tap ‘Focus status‘. Change the ‘Share focus status‘ to. Enabling this setting should launch a banner message for contacts to see whenever focus mode is activated manually or automatically.

iPhone users who regularly activate different focus modes should consider enabling the feature for each of them. It promotes transparency and good communication etiquette, the same way an away status message would for desktop chat or messaging apps. At any time, iPhone apps have no way of knowing which Focus mode is on, so contacts won’t be aware of what task the user is currently busy with.

Since the feature only rolled out with iOS 15 and is relatively new, few third-party apps will have full Focus status functionality. For now, Apple users should expect the ‘Share focus status‘ to only affect messages received through the iPhone’s built-in Messages app. Also note that while sharing a Focus status can be considered good manners, enabling the feature also gives contacts the option to mark their message as urgent and ultimately jump over the hurdle that Focus has. put on messages to begin with. There is no surefire way to guarantee that these messages are worth interrupting. For users having issues with contacts frequently abusing the Focus status feature, there is an option to turn it off for specific people, as long as they are also iPhone users. Launch the Messages app and open the conversation with the contact in question. Tap their profile icon at the top of the iPhone screen and turn off the “Share focus state” toggle.

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