What is Nissan Connect and how does it work?

Nissan Connect refers to a suite of services that combine navigation, entertainment and safety. It is available for gasoline and electric models.

Nissan Relate is a service that combines navigation, entertainment and safety and is available for gasoline and electric models. As many automakers seek to outdo themselves in the marketplace, technology has proven to be a worthy differentiator. In the area of ​​driver assistance, for example, car manufacturers are now offering more features that customers can benefit from. The same goes for connected car services, with recent models able to help drivers locate nearby charging stations in the navigation or by displaying the remaining range.


Japanese automaker Nissan has launched several unique models since its inception. Like the others, he unveiled an ambitious strategy for the electrification of his fleet. Nowadays, more and more consumers are likely to switch to electricity, which means that manufacturers face increased demand. Nissan plans to make half of its fleet fully electric and launch 15 new electric vehicles by 2030. It also intends to expand its lithium-ion battery technology effort, with plans to make future batteries cobalt-free currently in progress.

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Nissan Connect is a combination of several systems, allowing drivers to access many functions via touch and voice commands. However, features vary by model. The Leaf is currently the only fully electric model in Nissan’s lineup, although the Ariya EV should start selling soon. Nissan Connect features cover four main systems: Safety and Convenience, Entertainment and Information, Navigation and Communication. New Nissan models come with three years of free service access. There’s also a six-month free trial of Nissan Connect Premium that accompanies every vehicle purchase.

Nissan Connect features, explained

Nissan Connect

For safety and comfort, drivers can access their Nissan remotely using the Connect service on their smartphone. They can also use an Alexa or Google Assistant-enabled device. Automatic collision notification function is also available. She can reach a live response specialist using a hands-free voice call. The system also provides regular maintenance alerts that inform Nissan owners of the condition of their vehicle. For the entertainment aspect, drivers can listen to music in the car using their smart devices. Apart from Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, other infotainment services include Sirius XM radio, Trip Advisor, and more.

With the Nissan Connect Navigation Pack, drivers can be guided to their various destinations without much effort. This is made possible thanks to the duo of visual maps and detailed visual directions. Standard features include door-to-door navigation, online search with Google, trip planner, Sirius XM Traffic, OTA update compatibility, and more. For an enhanced communication experience, there are several features designed to help drivers stay connected through touch and voice commands. For instance, Nissan ConnectHands-free text messaging assistant can read new messages and can also send preloaded replies using voice recognition technology.

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