What is VZ Media? How to find it on the phone?

Telecom providers have come a long way both in terms of the services they offer and the areas they cover. Services offered by telecommunications providers have begun to include things like messaging and media services that enhance their customers’ telephone experience.

In this article, we take a look at VZ media, a division of Verizon Communication, what it does, and everything you need to know.

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As mentioned earlier, VZ media is a division of Verizon Communication, The service has a unique way of aggregating your photos, especially the multimedia of your messages, including SMS and MMS. All photos saved under VZ media are saved in an album with the same name in your phone’s gallery app.

VZ Media is also one of the most unique services offered by a telecom operator, especially since it provides encryption and automatic backup that can be restored to another device quite easily, as all data is stored on a cloud-based server.

Since most ISPs and carriers currently don’t support multimedia, let alone give you a place to store it online and provide encryption, VZ Media proves to be a pretty big differentiator when choice of operators.

Finally, VZ Media is also quite well organized. Media files are organized according to the date and time of their respective conversation, allowing users to quickly search for specific media files from their conversations.

If for any reason you do not want to use Verizon’s media service, you can opt out using the Privacy Choices page on Verizon’s website. Alternatively, users can also call the toll-free number 866-211-0874 and opt out of service. The number also helps you control how your information is used by the carrier for advertisements.

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