White Paper: IT Security in Broadcast Environments

Multimedia content in broadcast and streaming environments is extremely valuable. This is especially true for first-run shows and recently released movies. Content and its associated metadata are intellectual property (IP) and create great value for many businesses.

In the past, content has been stolen and made public and content has been locked from use by ransomware attacks. Insecure communication links can also allow passwords to fall into unauthorized hands and disrupt the control channels that move and deliver media content. Security should be built into every part of the system and should not be an afterthought. This is an easy step to bypass in the design and implementation stages, which will save time and money, but the potential ramifications on future losses are significant.

This document is not a “how to” guide to implementing security methods, but will provide an overview of important considerations and tools available for providing secure access in the Zero Trust model. This includes access and communications inside and outside the secure system.

System designers, developers and integrators, and especially management, should be aware of the consequences of not deploying the necessary security. Broadcast systems can no longer be treated as closed systems of trust because every communication must be secure.

Click here to download the white paper.

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